Are women's reproductive rights fundamental human rights?

  • Yes, women need to have an equal standing.

    For so long as a woman does not have control over her own reproductive choices, she is not really created equal under the law. If she cannot choose when and if she will have children her entire life is one of entrapment by her biology. Women need to be in control of their own biological destiny in order to have an equal chance at life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Because we are the one sex that carries the major burden of being capable of reproduction, that additional burden needs to be considered a fundamental right that we can control, otherwise we are victims of our biology.

  • Yes. A Person's Body Belongs To Them.

    The government should not be in the business of telling people what they can and cannot do with their bodies. Unfortunately, there are some people who think that the way that they have lived their life is so superior to any other way that they think that it should be compulsory, but that's just not how a "free" world works.

  • Most definitely yes.

    Women's reproductive rights are fundamental human rights; anything to do with one's body is a fundamental human right. It would not be allowable or even questionable to enforce that a man have or not have physical procedures; why then, a woman? A woman's body is no one's but her own and no one has any right to tell her what to do or not do with it.

  • Yes, absolutely.

    The ability to reproduce when appropriate for each woman is easily one of the most fundamental rights a woman has. She has the capability to have children, and should be able to choose when that capability is utilized (if at all). The idea that someone else gets to make that choice for her without having to deal with the fall out of that choice is crazy.

  • It is their own body, after all.

    Saying they don't have the right to an abortion would basically be saying "you don't have control of your body, but we do." Wow.
    These are grown women, and they are well aware of the consequences of their decisions. That should allow them the right to have reproductive rights. It is their right to do whatever they like with their bodies, it is just obvious.

  • Who's Body Is This Anyway!!!

    You should NOT separate a woman's control of her own body. You should NOT give a fetus any rights . . . It is NOT a person yet. A woman IS a person. A woman is NOT an incubator!!! There should not be anyone between a woman and her doctor!!!

  • Woman should have control over their body

    Honestly, it's no ones first choice to to have an abortion but sometimes you really don't have a choice. What would happen to victims of rape or if the pregnancy endangers the mom. Also men don't have this responsibility so them deciding on makes zero sense. Many people can't afford to have children and bringing them into the world would have problems and I know there are orphanages but those fill up and become overcrowded. Also if the baby will be born with a severe defect and it would be better not to have the child or parent face that pain. But mainly limiting reproductive rights, in my opinion is wrong, especially if men are deciding it. Nobody gets an abortion for fun.

  • Loaded Question, so I am answering NO

    Loaded question. Can everyone who said "yes" also say the same about Men's reproductive rights? ....Think about it...

    It takes two to tango and the human race was built on men and women making babies. How can you hold them in separate votes? Yes a woman does far far more work than the man in making and creating a baby, but that is how nature chose the design. If every woman exercised their right to "stop" their reproductive process, the human race would come to an end. The same would apply for Men if they held back their reproductive process.

    Stating that Reproductive rights are the same as human rights is the same as saying that abortion rights are human rights. Human rights are what Mother Nature gave us. Stop fighting being a woman or a man and accept being a woman or a man. Sure do what you want, but the real question is, do the right people respect reproductive rights.

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Greggore says2013-07-02T17:31:13.283
From the originator of the poll "Yes, women need to have an equal standing. For so long as a woman does not have control over her own reproductive choices, she is not really created equal under the law. " Equal and Control in the same sentence on the same topic. If someone demands equality, that implies that there isn't equality. I agree, there is no equality, men do not have the same rights or control over child birth as women. How can any woman claim that men have more rights or more equality than women when it comes to reproduction.

Are women blaming men because women carry the baby ? Don't blame men, blame mother nature and at the same time, be grateful to have that privilege!

Alright, I'll shud-up now :)