• Controversy about women's rights aren't going to end anytime soon

    If Donald Trump's treatment of Hillary Clinton is anything to go by, life for women is getting harder, not easier. He is part of a group of people that support a patriarchal society that looks askance at feminist activity. These individuals feel that when women gain more rights, the rights of men will end.

  • Idiotic feminist are not reason to think that women's right are a flaw or something akin to that

    I assume that the question is way too related with the obnoxious behavior of some feminist regarding women's rights and "living in patriarchy" stuff. On certain countries, womens needs more rights than they actually have, but some people use this as a shield to gain any power against men, for example, legal advantages over men.

    Posted by: Autz
  • Equality is never controversial.

    While there has been a considerable backlash against feminist groups and individuals in the past few years by misogynistic men, this should not be read as the feminist cause becoming more controversial. Rather, it should indicate to the world that women are achieving their desired aims and that certain men are threatened by their progress. This is a pattern that has repeated itself throughout history and gains made by women that were once considered contentious are taken for granted today. In the future, our descendants will say the same about the current state of our feminism debate.

  • No, women's rights have always been controversial.

    Women's rights have never been all that popular among the political elites (who are almost all men). People are generally more in favor of women's rights now than they ever have been, but the question now is whether men actually are privileged over women, and if so, what policy changes could create more equality. With mostly men in charge, this discussion will probably continue for quite a while.

  • Women have more rights and opportunities now than ever before

    Women continue to face challenges and difficulties that men have never faced. Progress is made by women on an ongoing basis. Some people believe that women's rights is not longer an issue because of the many advancements that have been made. But there is still a need for women's rights activists.

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