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  • No benefit for workers

    Just a clever way of exploitation, resulting in bullying, and stress on labour thus effecting quality if life in a negative way.Needs to be banned, cant understand why they are still in practice where world speaks about ending slavery and better work envirinment. For me just a shame i can say

  • Zero hour contracts are abuse of workers rights

    Zero hour contracts are just a clever way for businesses to get extra labour from employees and obliterate their rights. In the current employment climate, workers are willing to accept any terms and conditions in order to get a job, however zero hour contracts mean that they have no idea how often or when they have to work and are often obliged to work beyond regulation times.

  • No, they are not benefited.

    No, I do not believe workers benefit from zero-hour contracts. All these contracts do is turn a worker into a part time employee at the discretion of the company. The worker agrees to accept whatever hours are available, if any. Also, the zero-hour contract worker will probably not be eligible for any perks that are associated with seniority, such as vacation, stock options or profit sharing.

  • No benefit for workers

    Workers receive no benefit from zero-hour contracts because there is no way to guarantee a certain amount of income. It can get in the way of family schedules as well, especially if a person has children they need to attend to in their everyday lives. If they have no idea what days or hours they will be called on, then the zero-hour contract is useless and actually annoying.

  • It was inevitable

    It was inevitable that as soon as some employers started using zero
    hours contracts,the rest would follow - and this is what has happened.Sorry
    but I don't buy the myth that these contracts offer flexibility to
    certain groups such as students. When I was a student back in the 70s I
    managed to combine my studies very successfully with a series of part
    time and temporary summer jobs.Having clearly defined hours in my
    employment made it easier - not harder - to plan the effective use of my

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