• Workfare doesn't work

    Studies show workfare doesn't work as it actually increases the amount of time required before someone on welfare obtains a job. In addition, it ensures that people already working now have to compete with labour so cheap it is nearly free, ensuring that wages and working conditions can also be slashed.

  • Yes They Are

    As a person who works a good 60 hours a week and receives food stamps, I can assure you that workfare practices are unfair. Having been forced into a workfare situation I was forced to spend cash supplements in Tennessee to commute back and forth to take part in a workfare program. I ended up spending all of that money on gas and the fund did nothing to provide us with the things we needed.

  • Workfare practices are noy unfair

    Workfare is an alternative to welfare that actually requires candidates to take some sort of initiative to improve themself. Rather than become a permanent parasite to a social welfare system, they are required to search for work and meet other qualifications to get public assistance. This creates an atmosphere where people are self empowered, and if they deserve the help then they get it.

  • People Need workfare assistance.

    Given the fact that now, times are getting hard for many people, and they are trying to find jobs, and everything, then some people are getting laid off their job due to situations that they can't control so what do you do? People who don't understand always say, get a job, but if you have never come from a struggle then you don't know what it means. Workfare practices are not unfair. They are fare for the people that need them.

  • Workfare is the only way forward for a productive society

    Workfare is necessary if we are to have a productive society. People should not expect to be paid benefits to sit around and do nothing all day. Why should it be acceptable for people to expect to have to do nothing for their money? It is also beneficial for the benefit claimant as they can cite their work experience on workfare when applying for jobs.

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