• Working moms, If not the best, Then very good!

    I am the mother of two beautiful children. It is very difficult to work, Do housework and raise children, But it is possible. I spend a lot of energy, But I'm glad. I can give my children, In addition to love and care, What they need.
    I never deprive my children of attention. Every weekend we go out with them. And there are no problems. Except for the fact that I still breastfeed the youngest daughter and it’s very problematic to feed her during our outings.
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    Perhaps other busy mommies will find this information useful.
    A woman must be realized in all areas of life. But do not forget that children are the main thing!

  • Mothers at home are always good mothers

    I am not completely against the topic but I really don't favour the topic. The mothers at home are also educated enough but they are giving their 100% to their family. Many mothers leave their jobs for their babies so it doesn't mean that they are not educated but it's actually showing how a mother's sacrifice for their children. Its actually necessary that there must one parent of the children with them to look after themselves. Many childrens are not able to talk to their parents and spend time with them because their parents are at their job and after their job they become tired so these are not able to experience the feeling of a happy and united family. They are surely living in the same house but still they are apart from each other. The childrens are unable to talk to their moms and share their feeling if her/his mom went for a job and many times childrens suffer from mental illness like depression and anxiety. At last I respected both the moms who are working out of their house for the comfort of the family and also those who work inside the house for their family. But the childrens must have atleast 1 parent in their home so that they can express their feelings and emotions to them.

  • Working mom is the best

    I am also a daughter of working mom. From her i learn to be independent and earn for myself and bear my own expenses. My life is much better than woman around me who use to stay at home. It is just because of my mom that i don't have to look at my husband for money. Love you mom

  • My mother didn't need to have a paid job to teach me about the uncertainties and hardships of life.

    My mother didn't need to have a paid job to teach me about the uncertainties and hardships of life. I have seen uncertainties and hardships in my own home. Through my mother's struggles and seeing how she dealt with distress, I learnt life lessons which are helping me survive alone in another continent.

    At the end I would like to say I respect all the working mothers out there, but I will also say the mothers who are at home, who are making sacrifices everyday for their children, are equally inspirational. Yes, they might not be able to show you Italy, Switzerland and London, but they will create a situation where you are strong enough to experience them on your own.

  • Working women are best

    This is because it allows their to be independent .Another reason why working women are best is they learn to control their home and work together. They get used to not being dependent on someone's constant presence and learn the skills of self sufficiency and independence faster than their count partners.

  • Working mothers are best

    Working mothers are educated and she knows how to balance both family as well as business. They are very punctual in their lives. Children's are often inspired by their mothers. They can also help their children in studies. The child will independent and will also know the struggle of parents.

  • More balanced and respected

    Working moms are more balanced .They know better how to act on different situations .They understand the child better .It has been observed that the children whose mothers are working are more balanced and well mannered too.They respect their mothers and realise the importance of their work well.They are the best

  • They keep themselves occupied

    When their kids went to school, they would be facing the 4 walls again and again , if the women were homemakers. If women went to various jobs, it would keep them preoccupied and keep them away from psychological diseases like stress and depression, so they can handle their home in a better manner!

  • Why Working Women are Better Mothers

    They may be better organised
    A working mom has to balance both home and office, which pushes her to learn how to organise things better and quicker. In order to do justice to the personal and professional roles she plays, the skills of time management and multitasking are something she must excel at otherwise her career may be put on the line.
    They may have better-adjusted children
    This is a tricky one, but some children of working moms learn to adjust with other people around them instead of solely depending on their mother’s presence. Because they are by necessity left with caregivers like grandparents or nannies, they learn to adjust to new faces and interact with new people faster. This may hasten the development of their social skills.
    They may have kids who are more independent
    Another reason why working women are better mothers is because their children grow up to be more independent than those of stay-at-home moms. They get used to not being dependent on any one constant presence and learn the skills of self sufficiency and independence faster than their counterparts.
    They may bond better with their kids
    While some argue that a mother who spends all her time with her child shares a stronger bond, the fact is that there is some truth to the adage ‘Distance makes the heart grow fonder.’ Being away from her child during the day increases the intensity and strength of emotion that a working mother may feel. For the child too, there’s a heightened sense of affection and attachment when he or she sees the mom after a gap of several hours.
    They may be healthier
    Motherhood is an intensely personal experience and it often overwhelms mothers to the extent that the only identity they end up having is that of a mom. Working helps maintain a sense of balance, giving women a chance to be professional entities outside of their role at home. It’s an empowering experience that instills them with confidence and self-worth.
    They may be better role models
    Working mothers make good role models for their children by instilling in them a sense of self-confidence and the ability to set goals. They may also be more broad-minded and receptive to new ideas, since they break the traditional myths that place women as homemakers and not working professionals.
    While there is no right or wrong choice, every woman should make a decision based on her circumstances and the support infrastructure available to her. However, it definitely is true that children of working mothers exhibit certain advantages over kids of stay-at-home moms.

  • Good role model

    Working mothers make really good role models for their children by instilling in them a sense of self-confidence and the ability to set goals. They may also be more broad-minded and receptive to new ideas, since they break the traditional myths that place women as homemakers and not working professionals.

  • Responsibility towards her child

    Women has the right to work but what after having a child, do their responsibilities change. Well I agree to this. Mothers should pay more attention to their child for his or her growth and development. Unless and until extremely important they should not leave their child alone at home or with the servant or with the babysitter.

  • Non-Working Mothers Are Better Mothers.

    My mother has almost all qualities that are mentioned by the supporting side for their cause. The only point that stands otherwise is the additional income. But, we live a very happy life as I give more importance to happiness and care than to money. My father is abroad and it is mother who takes care of me and my sister. She takes care of all official and non official stuff needed for us. She supports in both our studies and it is she who nurtures my talents.

  • Working mothers can never take care of children properly

    They don't have time to spend with their children,they cannot guide them ,they don't know their child's weak point and strong point. They dont know what chid is intrested in or what they like. Mothers will not be there to cook favourite food of their child. They dont have time to look at them

  • Home moms are much better

    The only thing i should say is that my mother is at home and doesn't work even though she is an MBA graduate. She is aware of everything and takes good care of me. What else do you want from a mother than good care. Working mothers don't spare time with their kids and reduces the affection.

  • She can earn money but cant spare time for children

    Working mother can not spare time for children. Not in position to give personal attention on right time. Mistakes of children has to rectify on time. Has to depend on others. Children up bringing is not perfect. Spending all day outside home make them tired, find difficulty in performing double duty.

  • No they're not

    The mother should stay home and care for the children and for the house. We should still have gender roles in society. I think that they make more sense. Plus, isn't leaving children home alone pretty dangerous. They should just stay at home, it would most likely work better than a working mom.

  • Mom's home is best

    Home is the best for mothers to children cause Child want an caring to him . It must to say to the children its right and false , moms who's work theirs no enough time to depend . Taking every thing to consideration mums at home is better than working mothers .

  • Working mom's may be better individual but staying at home mom's are better mothers

    More than anything staying at home mom's give their kids their time, whereas working mom's kids are under privileged. If there is no financial issues then staying at home mom's are the best. Ask the kids who spends time in creche, with babysitter and care takers - they will tell the other side of working moms

  • House wives are more good than a working mother.

    House wives are more important for up building of children. They know their needs more that a working mother. She can put sanction over their children what to do or not. She knows better than a working mother about their needs. Working women don't know about their children what they are doing behind them. So house wives are better than working mothers,

  • They will never be

    I don't get why moms want to work. Isn't the dad enough? I would seriously not leave my child at home alone. What would the child do at home anyways. I love my children and I am not a working mom! You shall never leave them at home with a servant

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