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  • No, I don't think working mothers re determental to society.

    I think a working mother is just trying to provide a living to support herself and her child, I think that is a noble thing to do and benefits society, a working mother is someone not depending on Government assisstance to get by and is paying taxes on her salary.

  • No, working mothers are good role models for children.

    No, working mothers aren't detrimental to society. In fact, a working mother who supports her family and cares for her child is a good role model for the next generation. She will teach her children the importance of being responsible and will help them to develop a good work ethic.

  • No, working mothers are not detrimental to society.

    No, working mothers are not detrimental to society. Working mothers are increasing in number, in many cases because families are unable to survive on a single income. Each case is specific and unique, and children need to be given adequate nurture and support, but the problem is not working mothers, it is a deeper societal issue.

  • No, women have the right to a fulfilling life, too

    I don't think society benefits when 50% of the population is expected to stay at home and not work. Surely families and society in general benefits when everyone is encouraged to have a satisfying career and a fulfilling life. Working mothers will pass on that fulfillment and self-worth to their children of both sexes.

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