• Yes they should be happier

    I believe that they would be happier because they are continuing to further their lives outside of the home. They bring income into the household so they can help support with their husband. Stay at home moms, I would think, would have little to look forward to during the day. Picking cheerios out of the kid's noses, yay... Another day at a job they might enjoy and find social fulfillment, that sounds better.

  • Yes, because they keep busy

    Many believe that busy people are happier than those with
    nothing to do. If that is true, then working mothers are certainly happier, for
    they may be the busiest people on earth. Some working mothers feel guilty
    because they are not with their children all the time, but most are happily
    confident in their childcare providers, and in the schools. Both mother and
    child appreciate one another more if they are not together every minute, and
    feeling appreciated makes people happy.

  • Not if they're single.

    It's no coincidence that the highest poverty rates in the US (and around the world, Really) are made up of mostly unmarried women who have kids. A father and child is usually much more successful. Unfortunately in modern society, It's the single mothers who have it rough, Whether it be because of employment, Money management, Double standards, Unequal wages, Or a combination. I wish it weren't true.

  • Not All Of Them

    I am a working mother, but I am not really happy about it. I would rather spend my time raising my child. I do everything I can to make sure I have employment that does not directly interfere with my duties as a parent, but it has left me in low wage jobs without any chances of advancement. I personally wish the feminism movement would have never happened. I've never felt good about dropping my child off at day care so someone else can care for him, just so I can work for tiny wage.

  • No, they are not

    I can't see how one would be happy working. I don't know many people who look forward to there days at work,but I could be wrong. I know I can't stand it. If I had a choice I would leave work and take care of any kids that I had, rather than work.

  • No, not across the board. This entirely depends on the mother in question.

    As has been shown by the many "Mommy Wars" across the internet, a working mother is not necessarily any happier than a stay-at-home mother and vice versa. Some women find greater fulfillment in career-type jobs, while other women find greater fulfillment in a more domestic role. All depends on the wants and needs of the family.

  • No, working mothers are not happier.

    I do not believe that working mothers are happier than stay at home mothers. There is no way to prove it one way or the other. I think that a lot of them are happy though. But a lot of them tend to be stressed out too due to the fact that they have to take care of their kids and a career.

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