• Yes, they are indeed.

    Worries about the health of such a form of government should not exist because we as a country are strong. Though this country's political system is slightly corrupt and its economy is down the drain as of now, the democracy is still there and as healthy as it has ever been.

  • Yes, the health of democracy is just fine

    Yes, the worries about the health of democracy today are overblown. For years, the United States has 'worried' about the 'health of democracy' around the world; getting involved in conflicts in the name of preserving a 'democratic way of life.' And, almost without fail, after the U.S. armed forces leave the 'democracy' that has been installed in these regions it fails or reverts back to the original form of government that was there in the first place. I see no difference in the health of democracy today versus 50 years ago. Democracy will flourish, or fail, based upon how much the United States is directly involved.

  • Yes, I think worries about the health of democracy today are overblown.

    While Democracy has it's ups and downs overall I think it is as strong today as it has ever been, we have a very strong political scene here in America that is proud of it's Democracy, I don't think there is any reasons to be concerened about the health of it.

  • Democracy as an institution is strong

    In a democracy such as America, there will inevitably be wide-ranging discussions about all of our institutions and processes. This discussion is an integral part of democracy itself, as democracy should continually check on its own health. It is inevitable that these discussions will lead some to worry about the current state of things, but as long as the conversation is happening, democracy will be fine.

  • It is on the way out.

    No, worries about the health of democracy today are not overblown, because there are philosophers who predict that democracy is breaking down. Democracy tends to progress into totalitarianism, until that is thrown apart and the state enters a dark age until an oligarchy takes over. We are headed towards that transition now.

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