• Yes, Xbox one is better

    Sure, Xbox one has slightly weaker hardware, but you can't really tell the difference between the two. And the online experience is much better than the online experience for ps4. At least Microsoft didn't get hacked like Sony did, exposing 77 million accounts with the names, birthdays, email addresses, passwords, security questions, and possibly even credit card details of all PSN users in 2011. Xbox one has better exclusives, a cheaper price, a SECURE network, with the best online experience.

  • Yes. The Xbox One offers more versatility than the PS4.

    Yes. From the research I've compiled on both of these new consoles, the Xbox One appears to be the more robust machine in terms of versatility. The Xbox One has the ability to act as a pass-through system for all of the owner's media and gaming needs. It also has the voice recognition ability that can be used in conjunction with the owner's existing cable box to basically make all actions voice activated.

  • PS4 is the future and the best

    The design of the x box looks so old and outdated unlike the ps4, its looks brand new and is not copied. MOst x box games are more expensive while ps4 are cheap and have way better graphics. What king of a console does not provide a built in battery for a controller. The controller isnt that comfortable and may break easily. PS4 has games like the last of us, killzone and second son that x box doesnt have

  • Ps4 is actually for gaming

    I agree, the Xbox one does have more features, but you cannot call it a gaming console, whereas the ps4 is more devoted to actual gaming rather than tv, has better graphics and has more than one big exclusive that'll get people to buy their console ( I'm looking at you, halo)

  • Why Argue About Video Games?

    The argument over different types of video games is beyond this consumer. When I grew up my parents encouraged me to play outside after school, and to read books rather than always watching TV. I remember in the late 80's kids were a bit fixated with video games, but it seems like today things have gone farther. Parents have to go into debt just to buy their kids nicer gaming systems each year, and what is the point? When arguing over whether the Xboxs One or PS4s is better, do you ever wonder when you had such a spirited debate about something more important, like the characters in a classic novel such as Oliver Twist.

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