Are year-round schools a good idea that should be adopted by private and public schools?

  • Education first

    More Than 180 Days!
    The best part of year-round school is that it helps students increase their overall grade.
    Year- round schools don’t keep teaching their students in boring ways, they make it more exciting for students so that they enjoy school and they don’t have to think every school is the same. Students don’t forget what they’ve learned in school if they have break, students have this advantage to stay focused and be in school to study and not to fool around. Therefore, schools should year round because of the better education students receive.
    As a nation, it’s been debated as to whether or not school should be year- round. Schools should be year- round because learning more increases student’s grades. One example that show that year-round schools are helpful is, as stated in the article “Year-round schools- my kids love it, yours will too” by Brigid Schulte “Karl Alexander, a sociology professor at John Hopkins University, studied 800 students for more than 20 years in Baltimore’s elementary schools. He found that by ninth grade, low income students for more than 3 ½ grade levels behind their middle class peers. And most of that gap was attributable to learning lost over the traditional summer.” This shows how year-round schools can help students catch up on any topic they need help with. Secondly, in the same article by Brigid Schulte, the students learn more information but in fun ways, as stated in the article “They’ve learned CPR, calligraphy, Japanese, rollerblading and how to make art like Andy Warhol and Jackson Pollock.” Therefore, that even though student are learning new different activities they are having fun while learning. Lastly, in the video “Balanced Calendar” one principal, Will Robison from East Harlem Charter school, guarantees that year-round schools have gained his students. He made it conspicuous that’s students and teachers like schools that way student learn more and their grades are increasing. Therefore, this information shows that year-round schools will not bore students but help them in fun ways.

  • Take a look at China.

    China has one of the best educational programs worldwide. If the U.S. adopted this, it could change the way America's future would turn out. Students may not want it because of "Summer", well I personally think it's tough luck. I myself am in school, Senior year, and agree with this. I'm no straight-A student, but would like the best of the students to shine out before it is too late.

  • Hell yesssss!

    I think Kids teens should go to Year round schooling Because,If u learn more you improve more. People Would not lose a a whole lot of education over the summer form not doing anything.You may say that you need a break from school, But would you just want to sit around and be dumb or go to school and be smart and, maybe have a better jobs when u get older.

  • Yes year round schooling should be allowed.

    Why? Because it helps with are education and so we don't forget things over the summer. Also year round schooling doesn't mean we'll take your summer break away, it means you'll have a month of summer then, back to school. Why, do you not want to have a good education, for you to get a job, if you want to have fun have fun, but what will happen if your grades drop what will you do? That is why year-round schooling can help, it helps with are grades, are parents will be proud, and you get to have great scores. So, I would say yes to year round schooling.

  • It is truly the only option.

    I support school year round because I believe that there are services that the school provides and i think that those should be given all year round. For example School Lunches and a safe place to go. If we had school year round they, the schools, could provide these services at better efficiency.

  • It is only logic.

    One could look at the school year much like one could look at running around a track. At first one is relaxed and ready to pounce. However a little bit into the school year one begins to get tired and slack on their effort. Towards the end, one pushes them self just to finish. Summer is a time when one has the opportunity to sit and prepare for the school year. Although most students do the exact opposite. They spend their days at the pool with friends or sleeping in until noon. The break is such a gross amount of the year that the brain begins a process of regression. Year long schooling is an exceptional method due to; not pushing one's brain to hard, the reasons that summer was originally given off, and poverty stricken families. (This is just a part of my essay. I'm a sophomore.)

  • Definitely

    Kids who are bored otherwise during summer vacation usually use electronics a lot, and a lot of electronics usage fits into their regular routine. By splitting break into manageable chunks, kids can be less overwhelmed during school and less bored during break, and they will use electronics less frequently, thus becoming less antisocial.


    Okay, here's one reason. As I read through the pros and cons most of the grammar errors are in the comments on the side against year-round schooling.
    This past summer I had the chance to go to school in Japan for a week, and the way they had everything set up was so effective. I honestly wish I had the chance to go to an all year round school. I only have a year left of high school. Ever since they took recess away I only have a 25 min lunch and the weekend for breaks. I get so tired of going to school everyday - it's like I'm a robot getting out of bed to catch the bus. I wish that I was able to have a break every now and then.
    Another good thing about it is that I would be able to travel cheaper with my family during the fall and spring times when people don't travel as much :)

  • Yes

    The current school schedule was designed for farming. Most of the population lives in the cities, or at least the suburbs. Don't farmers have all these machines to do work for them? Seriously, this is the modern era, not the 17th century. 1800's, kids make their own toys, do hard work on the farm, chores in the house, etc. My son was devastated because his MAP score fell 10 points after the summer break. Sure, sure, make our kids study unsupervised. But do we know that they are doing it right? At least make a half-day online school for the summer, weekdays only. Summer school is specialized for struggling kids. Maybe we should change that and make it standard.

  • They're more protective

    The more kids stay in school the less they'll get into danger. Either by themselves or outer influence of other kids, they'll be more responsible. If they have abusive parents they will be more protected because they'll stay in school more than having to spend almost two months at home.

  • That's the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard

    Aren't children getting enough curriculum? They need a break.. Otherwise they are going to get so tired they are going to fail. I strongly disagree. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! They need a break to play in the SUN. Kids these day aren't getting vitamin d enough and need the sunlight.. Summer has always and forever =fun. Ask any child to think of the first word that comes to their head when they think of summer.. I bet you over 50% will say school's out or playing with my friends or playing outside

  • As a grade 8 student, I prefer to have a long period of time off rather than breaks in between.

    - More time for a summer trip and activities.
    - We get to relax for the only 2 months of the year.
    - Feel more comfortable.
    - Can start something that may take a long period of time.
    - Can get a summer job.
    - More FREEDOM.
    - Better for the student and can earn to be more independent.

  • Summer Killer Beware

    The summer is a time for children to explore themselves, figure out what they like to do, and who they are. Children look forward to the end of the summer break every year. If they change the calendar children have nothing to look forward to. Year round school will kill the summer fun for children.

  • Year round schooling is pointless

    Kids need to have a good break every now and a gain to regain their thoughts. It would be bad for our children to have so many small breaks throughout the year as opposed to a long break like Summer break or a small break like Winter break every few months. Children would be horribly stressed thinking about things like "Oh no. i got a bad score on my test last week and I have not even started on my Social studies project."

  • Not at all.

    Whatever happened to letting kids enjoy their childhood, and just being kids? Honestly, most of the crap we learn in school over the course of our childhood, we'll end up forgetting anyway. Why? Because a lot of it is useless knowledge. Keeping kids in school year round will not help kids in anyway, shape or form. Furthermore, having grown up as the oldest of 7 kids, and homeschooled at that, I can honestly say that teachers deserve a break during the summer. I love kids, but I can't imagine spending that much time in a room with 20+ of them. So I think the summer break is good for both the kids, so they can enjoy their childhood, and for the teachers, to get some time away from this stressful job.

  • Kids like my daughter will commit suicide.

    My daughter and her friends always talk about how excited they are for summer vacation so they can hang out with other friends and go on annual family vacations, because they love to explore and expand their learning outside the classroom at certain sites in historical places and still have fun.

  • Health and rest.

    No, because it really cannot be healthy for children to be sitting in a schoolroom for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, every week. Children need a chance to be out doors all day long, and being able to breathe the fresh air, they also should have a chance to rest from getting up early every morning and doing school work all day.

  • No year round school.

    I enjoy summer!!! You can take summer camps!!! Kids should have an experience of childhood. Year round school is HORRIBLE!!!You need some time to get your head out of stress. Students would get angry if there is year round school. Most students would probably want to drop out. Students should get a chance to enjoy summer!! Enjoy Nature!! Get stress free. And the teachers would have to do more work. grading papers etc... So NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!

  • Kids would hate school.

    If it stays the same then kids would be happy to come back to school, but if it's year around, then they will not be able to wait to get out of school, and it will increase the dropout rate. Also kids won't like school at all, and they will be bad in class and not learn.

  • Some kids work on the Farms.

    The summer was made for kids to go home and help out on the farms during the busy summer season. This still stands today. My kids help out on the farm all summer and don't have time to be in school, they need to be on the farm helping out with the animals and crops to keep our family's farm going.

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Anonymous says2013-02-20T17:00:54.427
no please don't do year round school i can't handle it please don't nooooo
Anonymous says2013-02-24T17:33:17.463
let's just leave it to NO year round schools
Anonymous says2013-03-01T18:46:53.437
i think not becuase kids need a break from school;/
Anonymous says2013-03-07T16:41:16.777
school for 180 days
Anonymous says2013-03-07T22:18:17.377
School for 180 days is average! And its fine!
Anonymous says2013-03-21T03:28:53.297
idk guys maybe two years straight then a 12 month break wouldnt that be cool?
Anonymous says2013-03-28T18:55:49.563
No it will suck to get a job.....
Anonymous says2013-04-03T19:28:08.630
Just putting it out there the average second grader in china is smarter than an average seventh grader in the us
Anonymous says2013-04-16T17:10:07.123
Stupid school
Anonymous says2013-04-30T23:18:39.143
No way!
I work hard teaching kids 9 months out of the year for crappy money
I live for the summer!
Anonymous says2013-05-03T15:09:10.817
Year round schools are a bad idea and you should know it
Anonymous says2013-05-14T22:12:01.920
I am a student and I feel that I would do much better in school if it were year round.
Anonymous says2013-05-22T15:36:07.517
I don't think we should have all year long school. I think this because families are important and can give you knowledge just like school could. I also think that kids need a break to have fun, relax, play, and exercise. If we had year long school, kids could not go on vacations with their families and see the world. In the summer, kids get vitamins from the sun, which is better then being in school under fake lights. Kids would miss their families and pets. It seems like 180 days is enough time for classroom learning. Let kids learn outside in nature, from their families, doing camps an sports...Not just sitting in a classroom all year long.
Anonymous says2013-05-23T14:52:21.260
Hello we are from Quebec and we don't like this idea!!! But no!!
noha123 says2014-12-02T18:18:57.780
If your happy and you know it clap your hands if your happy and you know it clap your hands! If your happy and you know it and your really auto show it if your happy and you know it clap your hands!
Godgirl says2015-11-07T13:59:00.533
No one gets how year round school works. You still get 180 days!
Gabibornbrave says2016-01-28T14:13:30.320
Why are people debating this?This is dumb!If you do not wanna do year round schooling simply dont and if you do then do it.Argueing about school is just weird because its school!