• I do believe

    Ever since i was 10, i've been reading storys on the supernatural. At first I thought they were simply little fairy tells and horror stories. But then I started to look at reality and the fairy tale and thought there not much different from each other. Other then vampires having emortality, witch none of us humans have. Then there's the werewolf and how they can change into a wolf and we humans cant. But like vampires, i've seen people drink there own blood like vampires drink blood and i've seen very hairy guys. Then I started to think what if the supernatural were real and us humans just can't see any of them because were not looking hard enough. So since the age of ten i've been looking for some type of supernatural, manly vampires and werewolfs.
    P.S. Since i was ten, i've always wished there were some way to become a werewolf myself

  • We have adequate reason to believe

    I believe we can neither confirm nor deny the supernatural exists, and at the same time I believe in the possibility that various things that are unexplainable (e.G. Magic, gods, afterlife) exist. The idea of the supernatural, especially magical power greatly enthralls me and I feel energized by thinking about it.

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