Are you a buddy, pat-on-the-shoulder type of person?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Yes I am.

    I would like to think I am a buddy type of person. I always try to go the extra mile for my friends not just because you never know when it might be you who needs the help, but because I am loyal to my friends and do not want to see them go through hardships.

  • I think it's a warm way of showing affection

    It's a very warm way of showing affection if you ask me. I don't like this generation being about giving others high fives. I find that silly to say the least. Pat on the shoulder is so much cooler than the high five. Never understood that to tell you the truth.

  • No I am not

    I am not so much of a buddy, pat on the shoulder type person. I am a friendly person and get along with just about everyone. I also make friends very easily. I am not a touchy feely person with friends though. If the person is a close friend then that is different.

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