• Conservatism is america

    Conservatism serves as the basis for american culture and morales. Non interventionalist and free market views helped build this country and no liberal is going to take that away from america. It's just now that liberals are becoming more and more popular that america is eroding and athiesm becoming popular.

  • Can't walk in a liberal's shoes.

    1. America's birth rate is low enough to begin with. Abortions will only make the problem worse.

    2. I don't believe that just because your life sucks that you can break our laws and live here illegally.

    3. I don't like the notion of indefinitely supporting those who choose not to support themselves by taxing those who do provide for themselves.

    4. Gun control's attempts to slow crime have been laughable at best.

  • Conservatives have sound economic belief

    Our economy is crumbling and liberals have no idea what they're doing with it. Environmentally, they want to impose ridiculous regulations and rules on businesses in the U.S that will only reduce the number of goods able to be reproduced. That, in turn then creates products that cost more than say, China's goods, so the consumer buys China's goods. Liberals sacrifice our entire economy because we're putting out some gas.

  • I am a liberal.

    It is people who wish to conserve the essence of America and normally Conservative Republics that are denying equal rights. If you want to conserve America, then go back to how it was, a slave, white man only right country. Liberals are what makes it better just as it has in many other places. Change is good and religion is killing our country by dumbing it down.

    I am not all left wing, but most of their stuff are for the better.

  • Why would I be?

    I'm smart enough not to vote against my own interest. It's sad that so many of my fellow Americans have been brainwashed to think that voting conservatives in will help them any. I wish they could somehow be awakened to their mistakes and maybe, just maybe we'd start to be a great country again.

  • Definitely am not.

    I really don't need a supporting argument with a question that contains no substance beyond an identification. However, 50 words are needed, so I will give a good answer with the limited time I have on this site. There are many things I disagree with on the Conservative side of the fence. Some of which are the frankly enormous amounts we spend on military every year in comparison to the rest of the world, positions on illegal immigrants, LGBT rights, positions on entitlement programs which include social security and disability benefits, tax code, and many many other things. I have taken a long break from DDO, but I intend to hit the political and economic side of it soon.

  • No I am not conservative.

    I wouldn't call myself conservative because I believe that an adult should have the right to make their own decisions (as long as they are not harming or forcing somebody against their will); meaning if the adult wants a gun, they should be able to have one. If somebody wants a gay marriage or have a polygamous marriage, they should be able to have one. There is no debate over the morality of it because it is not your life therefore you should keep your opinion of it's morality out of their life. I wouldn't call myself liberal because they don't support (and I do support) public schools having optional religion classes, gun ownership and some other topics. Just because I personally believe something is immoral and wrong doesn't mean that it is for everybody and that's why I'd support the individual's right to do as they please.

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