Are you a democrat (yes) or a republican (no) and why?

Asked by: stevendoering
  • Lol you guys are idiots

    Leave it to Republicans to fall for such an easy trap.... This opinion question was clearly set up by the IRS to try to target Republicans for extra review on their taxes by the Obama administration, cant you guys take a hint on anything? Sometimes I will wonder how Obama got re-elected with an economy this sh*tty, and then I see stuff like this that explains how easily Republicans blindly walk into traps....

  • The Democratic Party Is My First Choice

    Because I really agree with social liberalism and progressivism. I made some online quizzes and had a 89% match with the democratic party and only 5% with the republican party. I agree with the democratic ideas of: environmentalism (partly), universal health care, same-sex marriage, stricter gun control, internationalism, and so on; it also is difficult to be a republican and also an atheist at once :)

  • I am a Proud Republican

    Republicans protect the core values on which America was founded. In order to experience any rights in life, one needs to have the right to be born in the first place. From there, Republicans protect the right to bear arms and the right to not give our money away through welfare. Also, I disagree with programs, such as the EPA and PETA telling us what to do. Furthermore, Republicans want to use our military for two important purposes; namely, it protects us and helps to spread basic rights to other countries around the world.


  • More Tea Party... But yea.

    I usually vote Republican. Not much else to it... I guess because I simply do not agree with democrats, and I don't think their ideas are healthy for the nations. Again, Not much else to it. My mother is Democrat and my father is Republican, so I learned both sides and ended up agreeing with the Republican half.

  • Neither, to be honest.

    Some people incorrectly assume I'm a republican, but in reality I consider myself independent of both parties although I would be inclined to support some republican candidates like Rand Paul and would never support a Democrat. Both are parties to Big Government and the only difference being the rate of growth. The two republicans in the picture as leaders have failed to effectively oppose Obama's Administration.

  • Technically registered as such

    Although I am registered that way it is simply so I can vote in the primaries and identify a bit more with them. Overall however there is much I disagree with at least in regard to the leadership. There are several points where Republicans and Democrats agree and these are usually areas where I disagree with both. I would say I have a lot in common with libertarians.

  • Conservative For Life

    America was founded on core republican values. I strongly support trickle down wealth and budget cuts rather than increased taxes. Liberals are unfair, and today they are far more socialist than they are willingly to admit. All about the 2nd amendment, guns don't kill people, people kill people. That's why Texas has one of the lowest crime rates in America. Because more people carry concealed weapons on them. What makes more sense to criminal? Robbing a bank in Nee York with stricter gu. Control laws, and where it's near impossible for a citizen to be armed or in Texas where there is the possibly an armed citizen? Guns are to protect us from the malevolent government the Obama administration I running. I am the god loving, gun thumping, hardworking American.

  • I'm a libertarian

    I support what I believe is right, not what the biased, broken, and moronic party members support. People now days only say what their party wants them to say. They vote without even looking at the candidates! Party's divide what we as Americans truly are, Americans! We need to vote for what is best for the nation, not for what is best for the party leaders.

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