Are you a democrat (yes) or republican (no)?

Asked by: MistyBlue
  • A (relatively) proud democrat.

    Now, I admit the democratic party isn't perfect, the tea party republicans that currently consist of the majority of the right seem to have some kind of mission to run America into the ground. They seem to hate women, blacks, the poor, homosexuals, foreigners, and really any minority. As for economic issues: let's be honest. Hoarding is an illness, whether it be of objects, animals, or even money. The trickle-down theory may seem like a good idea, but the rich don't even use that money, they put it into offshore safe havens to sit and grow.

  • Democrats for the win!

    I'm between Democrat and Green Party.
    Reasons why I'm a Democrat:
    1. I'm an atheist, meaning I believe in different morals than Conservatives.
    2. I don't support war.
    3. I believe in taxing the rich.
    4. I was raised as a Democrat.
    5. I believe that America needs to improve, and we only can through taxes.

  • Proud to be an American

    I would write a long, intricate, patriotic essay on why I'm a proud Democrat (rather, proud anti-Republican), but I'll just let President Kennedy sum it up for me: "If by a 'Liberal' they mean someone who looks ahead and not behind, someone who welcomes new ideas without rigid reactions, someone who cares about the welfare of the people--their health, their housing, their schools, their jobs, their civil rights and their civil liberties--someone who believes we can break through the stalemate and suspicions that grip us in our policies abroad, if that is what they mean by a 'Liberal', then I'm proud to say I'm a 'Liberal'.”

    And to support President Kennedy, I'll bring in my greatest inspiration President T. Woodrow Wilson finish by saying: "A conservative is a man who just sits and thinks, mostly sits." Take special note of how he only says "man" because just about any self-respecting woman could never be a Republican.

  • Reality has a liberal bias

    When I first started following US politics I hated the partisanship on the democratic side. I thought the republican are being misrepresented. They might be wrong about some things, they might be a little more corrupted by business... Years of debates later I learned I was wrong. The mainline Republican thought is wrong on every issue they differ with the democrats.

    The republican party always fights for the interests of the rich over the poor. The republican party doesn't like gay people or immigrants. The republican party believes punishment is the way to solve any problem with the criminal justice system. The republican party won't even allow moderate legislation to prevent criminals and the mentally disabled from getting guns...

    The main problem is that much of the republican party lives in a bubble so that their own ideas are simply echoed back to each other. A perfect example is Obamacare. Obama adapted an republican plan to improve healthcare. It had been developed by republican strategists and intellectuals years ago. It was even implemented by Mitt Romney in Massacusetts. Obama used the successful Romneycare to design Obamacare. Obamacare makes healthcare cheaper and extends it to the entire population. It could be better but it is a massive improvement. Fox news and the other leaders of the republican party scared their viewers into a massive panic that Obamacare would destroy the nation without any alternative or reasonable complaints. Denied ever considering such a draconian policy and continued in a fact free world.

  • Lesser of two evils

    Both parties are beholden to special interests and leave moderates yearning for common sense and real debate. Still, the religious portion of the Elephants party scares me. Also the war hawks. I don't like foreign wars. There are also more racists on the Red team (Riley Cooper anyone?). I also believe in social safety nets even if abused by some people. Reds scream about welfare and unions when the real leaches are CEOs and defense contractors, oil companies, and other powerful corporate interest groups that exist in the shadows yet weild incredible power and skim off tax revenue in the form of subsidies and tax loopholes both corporate and personal.

  • I am a Democrat.

    I am a member of the Democratic Party. I believe that the Democrats have better ideas and policies than the those on the right of the political spectrum.
    I am pro-choice
    I am pro marriage equality
    I believe the wealthy should pay more than those who can't afford to do so
    I believe common sense gun regulation can save lives
    I believe everyone in the nation is is entitled to healthcare
    I believe that immigrants deserve the right to live in this country
    There are various other reasons.

  • It's simply the only logical choice

    I do not think either party has it 100% right and anyone who thinks that is simply ignorant. I think the rich should pay higher tax rates than the poor and middle class. I believe in equality and since the civil rights and voting acts of 1964 and 1965, it seems only democrats are focused on equality while the republicans are anti equality because they know minorities favor liberalism so they treat minorities like enemies. Liberals are not only for civil rights for minorities, but for women and homosexuals which the right are clearly not in favor of. Also, the right is clearly not in favor of religious freedom because hey want to force their religion on everyone and Christianity has no right to dominate everyone's lives when honestly most people in this country at this point are not Christians. Conservatives hate anyone who isn't a heterosexual white Christian. I also think the right is hypocritical to hate on welfare when honestly the majority of the red states have large populations on welfare. Welfare can be used properly and if it is not, then it should be fixed, but they should not hate anyone who is on welfare and call them lazy like hey want to be in that position. Conservatives are not 100% wrong, but liberals are far more respectable and are the only rational choice in this country. I cannot respect conservatives for the most part due to their radical agenda basically on par with a Christian sharia law.

  • I Tend to Vote Democrat

    I am a proud liberal, and I generally hold my nose and vote for the Democratic candidates. This sometimes has to do with the individual candidates themselves, and often to do with the Republican party. Only in rare cases do I cast a vote for the Democratic party itself. .

  • Democratic Socialist here

    Democrat raised to socialist parents, (not communist--huge difference)
    Basically, I think the US democratic party does not go far enough on many issues, but I vote for them over the green party for instance because a vote ofr hte green party is a vote wasted. I am pro-government, pro-equality, etc.
    I look at northern europe socialism as the ideal system.

  • I believe in Community

    I am a democrat because I think no matter how old you are, where you come from, what your background story is, everybody deserves a chance in life, as soon as they set foot into this world. I believe in DEMOCRACY and helping people out in need. I don't believe you have to be a god-fearing Christian to be able to do well in life, nor do I believe that being poor is a crime, it is sometimes bad luck, or circumstance. Just because you are born into wealth, doesn't make you a better person than anybody else, as a lot of high up republicans not just in this country, but globally were.

  • Proud to be a Republican

    Republicans support the very value that this country was founded upon: freedom. We support a limited government that will not infringe on our freedoms here. We have the right to keep the money we make (rather than giving it to people who make excuses) and the right to bear arms. We are trying to make it such that we have the most basic right of all, the right to LIVE. Also, we support using our military to make sure that others have these same basic rights all around the world.


  • I am a republican

    Yes, I stand as a republican. I am A republican because I strongly disagree with the fact that we all deserve equal rights even though we do not all work as hard, or provide as much as other. I believe who works the hardest deserves the most. I believe the people who decide so sit on their butts and bum on the corner for money, deserve no more attention. They have all the same opportunity to get a job. So for those reasons and many more I stand as a republican rather than a democrat.

  • In time I have become a Republican.

    I started following politics in 2004. I always thought I would be a democrat, but I was wrong.

    1. I believe in a smaller government
    2. I believe in low taxes
    3. I am pro-life
    4.I believe that the rich should not be taxed
    5.I believe in a strong military
    6. I was born into a liberal family and saw what they believed and was against it
    7. I believe in the 2nd amendment
    8. I believe that welfare is being abused too much and people should go out and look for a job.
    9. Liberals seem to care more about equality than freedom.
    10. I believe in free markets
    11. Capitalism
    12. Free enterprise.
    13. I believe regulation of business does more harm than good
    14. I am against illegal immigration and them living off our government.

    I feel as liberal democrats serve a purpose, but I feel the republican party serves a better purpose. I agree with both sides on things, but I just agree with the republican party more. I am proud conservative republican because I stand my ground. People seem to think all republicans are rich, mean, and doesn't care about "poor people". Well, my family is not by means "rich" and while my parents were the people that thought they were entitled to everyone money, I myself did not feel that way. I make $24,000 a year and I still believe the republican party is still the party for the middle class. I just wish the the party was more open on gay marriage. I personally believe the government should stay out of marriage completely and saying who you can marry, and who you can't marry. But I still am a proud republican.

  • I resonate more with Republicans, but...

    I want this understood. Republicans are headed down a slippery slope towards being moderates. Some, like John McCain, are practically democrats with an R on the television when they speak. I am ashamed of the Republican party as a whole, but infinitely prefer it to the Democrat one. But, aside from parties and names and such, I am a Christian first, and a patriot second. So... Yep.

  • Republicans stand for permitting the role of government in accordance with the scope of the Constitution.

    I assume we are emphasizing the federal government as the subject of our opinions. I am a republican because my political opinions are congruent with most of the conservative mainstream. Government, by its very nature is not "pro-freedom" because it can only restrict freedom, either by direct coercion or by providing benefits to interest groups and thus putting the rest of people at a disadvantage. The central vision of conservatism is to limit the government's power to make new laws and repeal unnecessary ones. Thomas Sowell describes this vision as the "tragic vision" because there is no other standard of control to compare the outcome of new laws; how could be know whether a law benefits the prosperity of the people, or the people still prosper in spite of said law? The liberal vision he calls the "vision of the anointed" in that it relies upon constituents to have faith in elected leaders to procure new laws that fit their interests. This is why the liberal agenda usually involves improving the lives of the people, whereas the conservative agenda involves limiting the influence that laws have on peoples' lives. Fundamentally, the federal government was conceived as a resource to protect the rights of citizens. To have a wage that sustains a decent living is not a right, it is a preference. In fact, it is statistically correlated that minimum wage laws make it more difficult for people to get hired in entry-level positions since their value as a worker may not be equal to the minimum pay mandated. Do people have a right to work for less than minimum wage? I would say yes because it involves the pursuit of happiness. It says in the preamble of the Constitution that the role of government is to "promote the general welfare," not provide a substitute for it. Monetary donations to the impoverished is a service, but is not within the scope of the role of government. Benefits for married couples is not a protection of rights, it is an incentive. Therefore, advocating that republicans are against "gay rights" is a misdirection because protection of rights is not the issue. Indeed, republicans are mainly against gay-services because it extends the power of government to reach beyond its scope. I can make similar arguments for any hot-button issue. If anyone has a contrary opinion I hope to hear it.

  • Libertarian voting Republican

    I am a social and fiscal Libertarian, but I vote Republican. Republican's social policies are mostly pretty bad, but they don't cause the total collapse and destruction of America like Liberal economic policies are set to do.

    At the heart of it, neither party really cares about freedom. Both claim their for freedom on various policies, but are happy to restrict people's freedoms in other areas. Republicans claim gun control and smaller Government based on freedom, but would restrict gay's right to marry and women's right to abortions. Democrats support rights for women and gays based on freedom, but would restrict people's second amendment rights and people's right to keep what they earn.

    I vote Republican because they are the better party, and I think will soon become much better. Once the religious fundamentalists leave, the libertarians and moderates will take over, most likely changing Republican opinions on gay marriage, abortion, and immigration, their biggest stumbling blocks. At that point it will be the perfect party.

  • I'm a libertarian

    So neither. But I would choose the GOP over the Democrats. Why? Because of Ron Paul and Rand Paul type Republicans. The GOP is becoming more Libertarian. There are some Republicans I support and some I don't. (Bush, Cheney, Christie, etc) So the GOP is lesser of 2 evils

  • I'd be a republican if I could.

    Even though I'm not of voting age, I'd be a Republican simply because the Republican party opposes welfare spending, opposes abortion, opposes taxing the rich just because you can and opposes gun control. Plus, the Democratic party, and a lot of liberals in general aren't very polite in general, so I find it hard to stand with them

  • More Tea Party... But of the Big Two, I'm Republican.

    While I am more Tea Party, I align different parties by which of the Big Two they more follow. I act and vote as a republican. I feel Democrats are simply too much about themselves. Free this, Free that... I believe in a world built the person's own shoulders, not his neighbor's.

  • Started as a democrat now a republican

    When i was younger i was raised thinking if we tax the rich nothing would go wrong and that capitalism was evil (yes i was a Micheal Moore fan) but after trying to see the other side i realized that the democratic plan isn't a good one but leads to dragging down the rich and eventually bring down everyone.

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Limp-shrimp says2013-08-05T07:25:57.533
I resent that there is no option for Libertarians or Communitarians. Even though the US has a dualist political system, the rest of the democratic world for the most part enjoys plurality.
MistyBlue says2013-08-05T12:27:25.320
I'm sorry Limp-Shrimp, I wanted to, but then I realized that there wasn't another option that could represent the other parties.