• I like their ipod

    I got the ipod when I was 16 for make a wish and it has been working fine for a long time and it suits my needs for it. So I am a fan of apple. I like some of their products. Don't like macs though. Im a windows guy at heart.

  • Yes, I am a fan of apple products.

    Yes, I am a fan of apple products. I have owned many of their products in the past and they have all lasted me a long time and met up to my expectations. I would for sure keep buying their products although I wish they would put the prices down a little bit.

  • Samsung is da bestest

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  • I am not a huge fan of apple products.

    Me and my cousin have always fought about which computer is better and in my opinion Microsoft runs a better computer. Although I do understand that Apple is also a great computer for working and doing business kind of stuff, it's not great for everyday consumers. My cousin has a mac and can almost never download the same games as I have on my PC.

  • Not A Fan of Apple

    It doesn't seem fair to split people into Apple people who loves their products, and non-Apple people who hate their offerings. They clearly have excellent products that inspire devotion, but there are a lot of other options out there to provide services that don't need Apple. Apple's seeming insistence on software and apps only working on their products has always turned me off.

  • Not an Apple fan

    I am not a fan of Apple products. I have never owned anything made by Apple. I don't understand why someone would need so many different devices that do the same thing. My last few cell phones have been from Samsung. I love them and it would take a miracle for me to switch to an Apple product.

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