Are you a fan of Jeff Allen, The News Anchor from 1010 WINS & Previously CBSFM101. 1?

  • He's Jeff Allen!

    Imagine, Imagine if The Lord Jesus Christ returns to Earth Soon, And eliminates all evil, Suffering and injustice in the World Once and For All,
    and Jeff Allen says on the Radio
    "A Happy Ending for All Humanity, I'm Jeff Allen" that would be so cool, So very cool, Anyone else agree!

  • Yes Jeff Allen was and is great

    Back in the day, I would listen to
    CBSFM101. 1 on the radio with my Mom,
    Jeff Allen was great doing the News stories, And it was cool how he would say
    "I'm Jeff Allen" even the name
    Jeff Allen has a nice ring to it,
    Jeff Allen the one and only

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