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  • No, if I wanted to watch it I would

    No, I am not a fan of the auto play feature for video on Facebook. I don't want things to just start playing when I look at Facebook. If I want to watch it, I will click on it, otherwise don't waste my time by causing the website to take longer to load. Also, the sound that plays can be very annoying sometimes.

  • Yet another Facebook change no one wants

    The auto play feature for video on Facebook must be one of the most annoying changes on a site notorious for irritating its users with unwanted innovations. This is not just a cosmetic makeover that will take a few days to get used to. It is a constant visual irritation, distracting the reader's eye as they scan the timeline and try to read actual text. Of course, Facebook is probably delighted that it is encouraging users to spend more time on the site, being drawn into videos they never would have actively clicked on, but it may backfire and cause people to log in less frequently to save themselves a headache.

  • Not at all

    If I want to watch a video, I'll click on it. I have slower Internet now, and have seen several videos that people have posted that I don't care about. There are also several videos I have seen that I wish I hadn't seen any part of because of the stupid autoplay feature. It really needs to go.

  • No. I am not a fan of the auto play feature on Facebook.

    The Auto Play feature on facebook will make my page load slower and if it's a video I really want to watch, by the time I get to that post when I'm scrolling the video is already 10 - 15 seconds into it. Then I have to try and stop it and have it go back to the beginning. In order to hear sound via the Auto play feature, I have to click on the video anyway so why does it Auto play assuming I want to hear the Audio? It's very annoying and I have never once said "I like this feature."

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