• I try to Be

    Being a good person, to me, can be assessed in terms of the effort you put in to being good. If you try to be good and to do the right thing, you are a good person. Being "good" doesn't mean that you need to be perfect or flawless--everyone makes mistakes, everyone can be misled. Rather, the idea of being a good person is about the investment you make in attempting goodness. Since I am constantly striving to be a good person, I am.

    Posted by: bsh1
  • I Follow My Educated Moral Values and Achieve Self Discipline

    What makes a person a "good person" is his willingness to use self discipline and willpower to do what he believes is right. What he believes is right should be determined by philosophical thinking and reading. It should also be determined through personal experience. Discipline is involved as well, as it trains you and your willpower.

  • I exceed the requirements

    Based off of the definition of 'good' [1]; I exceed the requirements and plea for a motion to elevate my status to an 'excellent'[2] person. I strive to help others with volunteer work as well as putting others before myself in any case, because I have always looked up to and mimicked superheroes. I stand up for others when picked on and won't standby when I see injustice. I take pride in being the best person I can be as all times for everyone. Growing up, though wears on my stability which is why I don't feel I'm a superhero, anymore, but the instability is what helps power myself to go against the grain that taints my outlook that everyone should be free from bullying, harping, and disgrace in any fashion to cause themselves to feel lesser than another.

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  • By my own standards and the standards of those I respect and/or care for, yes.

    The fact that I do not harm others, at least not overtly or intentionally, puts my moral standing at neutral at the very least. Those good acts I do perform, while perhaps not frequent or substantial, would place me in the net good category. The fact that I care to see myself as a good person and do what I can (read: what I care to in context) to be deserving of such a qualifier solidifies my position.

  • No I'm not.

    Romans 3:10 says that no one is good no not one. So if my God (from the Bible) says that I'm not good then it is that. Also it says that all fall short of the Glory of God.. How could a good person fall or make mistakes if we're good?? I know I make mistakes everyday. So I know I'm not good. The only way anyone can be good is if Christ has changed a heart and saved them. He who began a Good work in you... So the Good work that may ce forth from us is only because of God!

  • No one is really a good person

    First you should ask by whose standards? Your own? Anyone can be good by their own standard, even a mass murderer. The excuse often used is that someone else is worse. How good is good enough? No one is perfect so how then can we be good? Good enough, good enough for what? I try to measure myself against the ten commandments, but like everyone I fall short, but thank God for salvation.

  • I am not a good person

    We live in a world in which basic values such as kindness and compassion are not often given the importance they are due. In the media, selfish and arrogant behavior patterns are often glorified. It is also common for people to get so caught up in day-to-day responsibilities and personal insecurities, that they lose sight of their goals for personal development. Recovering your sense of integrity, or goodness, begins with identifying your personal values. Goodness is the first step to success and happiness. We can often turn to religion for guidance, but ultimately we should learn to define our own morals ourselves. One of the simplest ways to do so is to love others, and treat them as you would like to be treated. Try to think of others before yourself. Even doing small things on a daily basis will greatly enrich and improve your life, and the lives of others around you. To be a good person is not easy.

  • I don't really know

    It depends on peoples definition. I offend a lot of people, but I don't mean to. Does that mean I'm a bad person?? I haven't killed anyone, or done anything illegal, but I wouldn't say that I'm really all that nice. It really just depends on the meaning of "good person."

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BronyMage says2013-06-20T22:50:21.163
This question poses a false dichotomy; it can't be answered with a mere "Yes" or "No."