• I am a mega human

    Tink about it. Mega humans r mazn, Mega humans r kool narli dudes lyk mi. Eni 1 hoo tinks otherwize is a non mega human which means u r not kook and narli kyk me so yeair. B A MEGA HUMAIN lyk me so u can be kool and narli.
    tank oo 4 redn this

  • Not everybody is.

    There are apparently genders that consist of animals now a days. What the hell happened to society? ! I need 33 more words that are not really needed to support my argument. Here's some mumbo jumbo. Sjbs aiaj ksndi idof isbwu fignrnis isbsis if dix is due usodb eb eis si. There.

  • Hey so yo

    If this is a joke its not very funny. A b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z now i now my a b c's next time won't you sing with me ( I needed a filler)

  • I am God.

    Look, If other people can claim to identify as something they are physically not, Then I can claim to identify as God. Just as we are suppose to treat others as what they identify, Everyone should treat me as their god including sending me 10% of their income. If you don't, Your denying me my religious freedom. If you can dismiss my claimed identity without being demonized by the public, Why should I be demonized for dismissing the gender claims made?

  • "Human" is subjective

    Since human language is not definite, We can call ourselves anything. We could be a "human", We could be a "soul", We could be an animal, We could be a large mass of variously arranged atoms, We really could be anything. Today, I choose not to call myself a human, But instead, I am a mass of flesh and bone with sentience that's pressing buttons to convey thoughts over the internet.

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