Are you a Men's Rights Activist (MRA)? Why or why not?

Asked by: Da_AcidKritana
  • Men's Rights Activist is Not Automatically a bad thing

    Why do some people unjustly consider Men's Rights Activists to be
    "male supremacist" or hateful towards women, Both males & females need equal rights in Today's world, Men need P-ssy,
    Both males & females deserve to be treated with respect,
    women should be treated with Respect and dignity, But let's be Frank and Honest, Men need P-ssy, More and More Men are starting to Suffer from Involuntary Celibacy aka Incel problems, It's no Joke the pain that it causes men, It's a very serious painful problem affecting many Men, Incel problems are getting worse and worse,
    There should be Legalized Prostitution for All Consenting Adults Everywhere in America and Worldwide,

  • I am a Men's Rights Activist!

    I am an MRA, For mostly one simple reason: I believe in equality, I just focus on the rights of men and boys. Also, I am an atheist, Biracial, Gay/male-attracted, Female-to-male Gen Zer. So please do not assume that we are all the same or that we are just white, Straight Christian men. And guess what? There's nothing wrong with the majority of white, Straight, And/or Christian men.

    Men's Rights Are Human Rights.

  • No, I am a feminist

    I don't support Men's Rights Activism because it is purely a 'movement' against feminism (academically known as egalitarianism). Men's Rights Activism exists to 'debunk' women's rights and stands for an outdated society in which women are seen as children to be owned and protected by men. When the movement's sole purpose is to direct anger, Hatred, And entitlement towards women, It not only harms women but also harms the very men it claims to advocate for. I am all for men crying and healthily expressing emotion, Men's suicide rates lowering, Men coming out as equal in custody battles, But Men's Rights Activism markets itself as a reaction to women's struggle for legal, Economic, And social equality rather than a movement to build solidarity in and push for the equality of men.

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