• I'm scared of the end

    You may not know what is going to happen people will miss you. In the after life if there is nothing how are we suppose to remember things on earth. It's fun here but there are bad people but if you ignor them you will be happy. I'm scared only because what if I pass away and never ever got what I wanted and I can't see my family ever again. And if there is a god we can't see or remember it. If we can be recarnated we are killing our selfs it's not a safe place to live.

  • I believe in an afterlife, but I still fear death

    I believe that after death my soul will live on in perfect peace for eternity. However, it's still frightening to think about saying goodbye to this earth, despite the fact that life as a human can be difficult. I hope that death won't be too painful. Here's to perfect peace!

  • Just because death is inevitable...

    Doesn't mean it shouldn't be feared. Fear of death can keep you alive. If you are enjoying your life, if you are happy, if there are things you still want to do, if there are people that depend on you... You should fear death. You wont be able to do or enjoy anything because you are dead and those that depend on you will be worse off. Unless you achieve a high status of fame or infamy before you die, your place in this world, your footprint, quickly begins to vanish after you die. Eventually all who knew you will be dead as well and you will be completely forgotten, as though your existence never mattered at all. Without hitting up ancestry.Com I couldn't tell you a thing about my great-great grandparents and they were crucial to my existence! No one knows what happens after you die, there are those that have been revived and claim to know, but they don't either. I think it is human nature to fear the unknown. We are rational, logical individuals that use knowledge to build expectation. There is no way to know what happens so the mystery will never be solved. That in itself is unsettling. Dying is losing control. Once you're dead you have no control and that is scary. Granted, once your dead nothing will matter anymore, but while on this side of death, the idea of having absolutely no control is frightening. There are any number of reasons why death is something to be feared. It is my opinion that those that do not fear death : believe in eternal life through religion, are lying, haven't thought much about the subject, believe it is inevitable and we shouldn't fear what we can't control, are currently between periods of fear, and/or have lived long and fulfilling lives where they were able to accomplish pretty much what they had hoped to and have every loose end tied up. Very few people I've encountered can relate to the last reason, most seem to relate more to the other options. Though I don't live my life in fear of death, the thought of dying does scare me.

  • If I didn't fear death, I would already be dead.

    Suicidal people cite fear of death, or not wanting to put their family and friends through suffering as a result of their death as reasons they may have not killed themselves. If you ever stood at the edge of a high place and feared the fall that would kill you, then you fear death. I understand the opposing argument from the philosophical perspective like death is nothing because we won't experience or care about it when we are dead, so there is no need to worry about it. However, I think we are hard wired biologically to fear death.

  • I evolved this way.

    Humans like me evolved to fear death because it's an excellent defense against dying before reproducing. ​ ​ ​ ​​ ​​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
    I believe that whatever happens after death is whatever was happening before one's existence, but I still fear it.

  • Yes I'm afraid

    I'm afraid of death because I can't choose what I want to do anymore. Bitter sweet happy sour that's life and I like the way it is. I don't want eternal happiness in heaven nor suffering in hell. I can change things and interact with people while I'm alive .

  • I am an atheist.

    There's nothing waiting for me after death. Either nothing happens, and my life ceases to exist, or it turns out I was wrong, which might be worse. In the microscopic chance that Hell exists, that's where I'm headed, regardless of how good I was in life. My disbelief would damn me. Hell doesn't really bother me, but dying certainly does. I can't imagine not being alive... Death might be my only real fear.

  • I am afraid of death cause

    I am not sure from what will happen to me after death .. Like whatever i go to heaven or hell .. Whatever my action were bad or good ... Did i do like my god told me .. So I am afriad of my consquences after death not death .. Cause in some point we all gonna die ..

  • Every soul shall taste death

    No, Based on scientists speculations more than 80 billion people once lived and died. When something is so prevalent and so common, Why should be feared.
    Something that assures me more is the fact that i believe in afterlife, That there will not be a void, That my consciousness will continue someway. That makes me believe that death is not an end, Its just a transformation or maybe a revelation.

  • Why should you ever be.

    In the end, why would you be afraid.
    Are you afraid to be alone? There're no you to know it, you certainly dont scared of a good sleep after a long day of hard work.
    Are you afraid that your family is lonely when you're gone? Tell them that you love them, you are not scared, you are not afraid to be alone and you'd never want them to be sad, why should they be.
    You are never alone when you could live on inside your children, for they are us, and your body is only wilted leaves on the eternal tree of life.

  • I am not afraid of death.

    I am afraid of leaving behind the people that I care the most about. I am not afraid of my death, I am afraid of what the people I love will endure without me there. It's a feeling of being afraid of not being there to support those people when they need me.

  • One mustn't fear something he/she hasn't experienced before

    Death is a concept that we the living, couldn't comprehend fully. We might have ideas as to how one gets to reach the stage (the process), but that's all there is to it. Recalling what Socrates said in one of Plato's dialogues, one shouldn't fear that which isn't known, otherwise, it would be an arrogance on someone's part to claim to that it is a negative notion outright. In fearing something, you claim to have an idea of its nature, whether it be +/- . Perhaps a concrete example would be fear of public speaking. It is reasonable to be fearful of such activity because we have concepts such as humiliation, pride, confidence, self-esteem, and the likes; and we live and breathe this concepts as we are living. But going back to death, we don't have the slightest hint of what it is associated with. There are innumerable questions that have yet to be answered (which probably won't be answered in a state of living) like, is there a realm after death?, does one's existence permanently terminate at death?, and more importantly, what does it feel like to be dead? Or is there any feeling at all? There are just too many issues to bring up, and our questions remain floating in an empty vacuum. It is not wise therefore, to resign oneself in such thoughts that have no means of verification. Life is precious that way, and we have to be pragmatic with the limited time that we have. The value of life can be summed up in the words of a certain famous person: don't despair of something ending, be glad instead that it happened.

    Let's live our lives while we can

  • Fear is only bringing death closer.

    You can't avoid death, you can't run from it. There is no reason to be afraid of it. In our grim and ugly world fear is just another human weakness, it does not help us survive, it only makes it more difficult. Fear prevents you from thinking straight, it denies your best survival tool, your mind.

  • Why would you be afraid of nothing?

    When youre dead you dont feel anything. It is just over. In life you have to suffer. At the point of death the pain is finally over. No worries,nothing. I am afraid of life, not of death. The act of dying is just a little scary but that doesnt last too long...

  • Can you avoid it?

    You cannot avoid death in your life. The only certain is that you will die. Only some of us know when, where, and how we will end this life. Those are the people that take their own life to avoid one thing or another (but that is not a topic for this purpose).

  • Death is a must.

    You will not live forever, You Will Die. End of Question. The main reason i'm not afraid of death is because, death is painless, now you may say that dying is painful, but once you die there is nothing, we have not scientifically proven there is no god, nor have we proven there is, point is Death is Death. Accept the fact you will die!

  • Come on baby don't fear the reaper :)

    Every 3 seconds, somebody dies (and every second someone is born). We're all going to die one way or another, so it's illogical to be afraid of it. A painful death is one to be scared of, but not dying in general. It's not worth spending time worrying in my opinion about since it will happen to all of us at some point, just make the most of your time here.

  • Don't fear the reaper

    We're all going to eventually die somehow and some way, why be scared of death? Perhaps a painful death is one to be really afraid of, but it won't last forever. A person dies every 3 seconds I read once (and a person is born every second), it's completely natural. Since it's unavoidable, it's not really worth spending time worrying about.

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