• Loss of freedom

    Does anyone have the right to make you pay for something you don't want? This is what the Affordable Care Act is doing. Now I don't have a choose whether I want health care or not. Loss of free market: sense every one has to get heath care plans will go up.

    Posted by: tech
  • Obama Care is an Improvement

    The Affordable Care act will do something to reduce the enormous burden of healthcare on those who cannot afford insurance. The United States is one of the only rich countries where many of the citizens cannot access healthcare which is a disgrace. The current system costs about twice as much per capita than other countries(Britain, France, Germany). The only reason it perpetuates is because it makes enormous profits for those insurers that reap the profits from an inefficient system .

    The ACA goes some way to addressing this and it is shocking how the American people have been so badly informed as to what the act does. Reasons for opposition to it are mainly ideological and general(big government, too much money etc).

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