• Yes i am completely against

    The "affordable" health care is not affordable to the tax payers who have to pay higher taxes, just so someone who doesnt work can see a doctor because of a stomach ache. It is ridiculous the amount of money that tax payers have to pay to keep this going. It is also extremely unconstitutional.

  • Yes, I am against the Affordable Care Act.

    All that my household has seen thus far with the Affordable Care Act is our two different health insurance companies' policies skyrocketing in price. While the President seemed to promise lower prices, many Americans are experiencing the exact opposite. Additionally, it seems too much changed too soon, and, as a country, we're reeling from all of the changes. It's possible that as things settle it will get better and many minds will change. As it is now, however, I only see it as being a big mess.

  • No, I am not against the Affordable Care Act.

    To the contrary of my headline, I am not a supporter of the ACA in its current iteration. I do believe however, that the ACA is a step in the right direction. In its current form, almost all Americans have seen rising health costs, and I personally have yet to see a single study showing that America (as a whole) is more healthy today, than ten years ago. While no simple solution will cause an end to what ails us as a country, I do believe Dr. Ben Carson has the right general idea to spark a new debate, which will hopefully end with a successful program for years to come. He and I both feel that when a child is born in the U.S. they should be given three things. A social security number, a high-deductible health insurance policy, and a Health Savings account. This is what I feel will solve many problems. Because when habits that are detrimental to ones health are partaken in, their healthcare cost will increase some time in the future. To avoid this, we give little Timmy a HSA and a High-Deductible plan. Because when he is having the sixth migraine this month, instead of going to the E.R. And blowing thousands on a single time fix, he will go to the clinic or a specialist, so the problem is fixed. This will shorten wait times in E.R.S, discourage unhealthy habits, and encourage healthy practices. With this taken care of, more money is freed up to take care of neglected programs in the government, or even to allow a tax cut for all Americans, stimulating the economy.

  • No, I am not against the Affordable Care Act.

    No, I am not against the affordable care act. I actually wish that this country had free health care. It seems like the people who are against the affordable care act are also the people who champion patriotism all the time, but they turn around and want to deny fellow Americans health care. Health care should be treated as a basic human right.

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