Are you against the cannibalization of infants? Even if they taste good?

Asked by: Evil1
  • No it's actually not a good idea

    Now aside from all the moral arguments where I say, "Oh my gosh! You're such an awful person. Why would you eat a baby?" There's a good scientific reason not to. For example, the human body is actually toxic for a human to eat. The properties of human flesh (and most likely the psychological effects to a stronger degree) drive a human insane when ingested. So if you value you mind, don't eat babies.

  • I can't believe this question was asked.

    Everyone knows that infant meat is inferior to fetus meat. You have to get those things out before the 2nd trimester. It's a refined taste that I would say is comparable to veal in texture. Be sure marinate for two to three hours prior to serving with your choice of steak sauce and spices.

  • Uhmmmm ..... ....

    Wtf. Who would eat a baby. Is this even happening in the world? If so, those people are a disgrace. Babies are growing up to be older, and eating them is killing them. Sure, we can eat "piggies" and other animals, and we bless god for the food. But god specifically made humans have babies. They weren't supposed to be eaten! Imagine they make baby-eating legal. Starving people in Africa would have babies just to eat them. This is absurd. If this happens in real life, that is outrageous. Cannibalization of infants is DEFINATELY something that should not happen. No matter how tasty they are.

  • 100% Against Baby Eating

    I hope I'm not the only one that believe eating infants is a bad idea. I do not know what they taste like and I can assure you I will never find out. Cannibalism, while an interesting topic, is something that humans should come to realize is not simply okay. That goes for everyone, on every continent.

  • Why just why

    Why would you want to eat a baby it just wrong and if you actually eat babies you should go to jail and why would you create an argument that says babies taste delicious that is just wrong and strange and just a plain sign that you need professional help. Seriously just its human flesh and to make things worse it is baby flesh and I am fairly sure that the US frowns upon that sort of thing!

  • Why on earth would you eat babies?

    First off, I think cannibalism is illegal in most places and against most religions. Second, it just seems wrong to eat babies. If you say "well, we eat other things babies" then you're still wrong. If I raise a chicken and eat it's baby, it's not going to hate me for all eternity. If I ate a woman's baby, she would probably curse me to Hades. It's creepy and disgusting and cannibalism should be illegal global.

  • Well if they taste good....

    Who can resist the delicious allure of soft, tender baby? Their cheeks alone are good enough to drive any man insane for want. You need to fry the toes for them to taste good, but a nice searing of the thighs or cheeks should bring out enough flavor. Oh, but it's best if you debone the baby before you dig in.

    (By the way, if you didn't get it, this is kind of a joke opinion. I don't actually eat baby :) )

  • It is absolutly delitious

    Baby is a very fantastic nutritious delicasy that is hard to find. It is one of finer meals i have had in my lifetime. It only occured a few hundred times and im sure it is better than adults considering it is less consistant of muscle mass and other enhanced parts of the body.

  • Babies are apart of nature

    Like cows and piggies, and should be able to be eaten. Also I believe baby back ribs are a popular food and people eat them all the time. What if it had real baby in it? Would you eat it then? Yes, Yes you would. Stand up for freedom of speech and dinner.

  • Its a good idea

    A young healthy child well nursed is at a year old a most delicious, nourishing, and wholesome food, whether stewed, roasted, baked, or boiled. Also they can be used for shoes and other such things. They would last long enough that a person could survive for months on a single baby

  • Babies are really tasty

    Babies are really tasty and they all belong in my belly, also who can resist the deliciousness of babies they are juicy and tender. The arms are the best when dipped in the blood of infants and i personally enjoy sauteing the baby in its own blood. Babies are also healthy for you because they are so lean

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