• Open Minded Girl

    I am completely open minded. I personally don't believe in God, BUT if I were to get some real proof. I haven't seen anything I believe. A book written by a man? That doesn't make sense. I do have an open mind though. And I also think it is rude to talk about the "crap" or call Christians stupid. I respect people for what they believe. But I don't. And I also think Gay Marriage is fine, just because a book or a God says the same sex can't get married doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to marry them.

  • No reason not to be..

    When I was a child I was taken to church and had to listen to numerous assumptions put forwards as facts.
    My Q: How do we know our religion is the right one?
    Church A: We believe we are right because of the Bible.
    Even to an eight year old it was clear that it offered no proof just statements, odd ones at that.
    I gave up on the idea of religion just like any other unnecessary proposition.

  • Yes, I am an atheist.

    Well, I get a TON of crap from Christians all the time for not believing in god. I find it really funny how they will preach to me all day about their god and how I am wrong, but when I try to preach to them, they get so offended. This girl I know told me (and I quote) "It's okay if you don't believe in god. I am sure that one day you will come to your senses and allow him into your heart. He will forgive you for being wrong all these years". I just told her the same thing, and I said (and again, i quote) "It's okay if you do believe in god. I am sure that one day you will come to your senses and accept the fact that he is not real. Society will forgive you for being wrong all these years." She go so offended, but hey, I just gave to her what she gave to me.
    Well, enough of my rant. I am an atheist because I find it hard to believe in god. 99% of the stuff in the bible would never be able to happen without the use of some sort of god. There is really no evidence that god is real. However, there is tons of evidence saying that the big bang happened, and how evolution happened. I choose to believe in facts rather than a book.

  • God is a work of art

    In this ever changing world when science keeps on improving and changing then how can we believe in some power which is fixed called god. Its a work of art, just like if 1000 years hence, anybody would find harry potter he/she might think that he really belonged to our era and had divine powers.

  • My scientific brain cannot except that which I cannot see

    I believe in what I can see, feel, and wrap my head around. I have studied the bible and koran. They are both excellent works of historical fiction. If God wanted us to believe in him, why does he not make his presence known? Over-transcribed manuscripts from thousands of years ago aren't enough proof to convince me.

  • Science Hasn't Proven God's Existence... Yet

    Science leaves open two options: either something is proven or is not. However, just because something isn't proven doesn't mean it exists. Science hasn't proven what exactly the human mind is, yet it exists. Therefore, I cannot prove that God does not exist. Too many unexplained things have happened in my life to be ignored as mere coincidence or happenstance.

  • I am an agnostic leaning Jew.

    I am culturally Jewish and agree with much of the basics of the religion. I also keep some kosher laws. However, i am a rational thinker and don't think it can be either proved or not proved. I find some of the stories very hard to believe and know from having studied other religions that they borrow from each other.

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