Are you aware of the Fair Tax? Specifically the Fair Tax HR 25. Please comment Pro or Con for the Fair Tax

  • Regain our lost freedom and liberty...Repeal the 16th Amendment

    Put on your Patriotic hat! Do what is best for all U.S.A. citizens. Reclaim our freedom, liberty and civil rights as protected by our original Constitution! …Repeal the 16th Amendment...Stop direct taxation on our jobs and our income...End the IRS…End tax withholding. The solution is the FairTax® bill HR25 / S122 and not the flat tax that still needs the 16th Amendment, direct taxation, the IRS, payroll taxes and tax withholding. Learn more, register your support and contribute at fairtax.Org.

  • One of the best things that could happen to America!

    A VERY LARGE MAJORITY of the 535 elected congressmen have been thoroughly corrupted by the income tax and its enforcement agency the IRS; read "EXTORTION by Peter Schweizer. They should be in prison.

    There will no longer be a tax on income regardless of how it's acquired!

    The FairTax is a simple national sales tax which will REPLACE the income tax and abolish the IRS within three years. Its PREBATE makes the FairTax a very progressive sales tax with none paying a tax on expenditures up to the poverty level.

    People will be encourages to work, produce and save again.

    The FairTax is the VERY BEST THING that could happen to Americas system on taxation.

  • Ignorance Leads to Misinformation

    Start with comment "It doesn't Change Anything.
    Blackkid missed the entire concept of the FairTax. It is not designed to replace state taxes. Only the federal income tax is replaced so if Blackkid is able to work, he'll take home a much larger pay check because there will be no federal (FWT, Social Security & Medicare) deductions. All of these areas are funded by the federal sales tax.
    As for his analysis via the cut and paste of the states activity, if the states decide to conform their tax, be it sales, income or property, it results in a lower tax rate for the state due to the larger base of taxed items.
    Advise to Blackkid, you are suffering the same as I did when first starting to understand the FairTax. I was looking at it with an income tax mentality. When I realized what I was doing and started viewing the FairTax as a totally different tax system, everything became more clear, logically sound and a benefit to all of America.
    As for Mr. Eldrige, he is very good at taking bits of truth and wrapping it with misinformation. His life is about misinforming as many as he can about HR-25, the FairTax and does not deserve the time of a response to counter his attacks.

  • The Fair Tax

    Allows for every one to decide what to do with there own money. No more IRS, no more April 15 as a day of reckoning just another day. I'm not the greatest typer and the advantages outweigh any negatives so if your not aware go to FairTax.Org and debate me why our present system or even the flat tax is better

  • Pass it now!!!!

    The FairTax will stimulate the stagnant economy big time, bring overseas money back home, create many jobs, and most importantly: take the power away from Washington DC and give it back to the people. Eliminating the corrupt IRS is a very good thing as well! No other tax proposal comes even close.

  • It doesn't change anything:

    Since States aren't required to change their taxes:

    "No state is required to repeal its income tax or piggyback its sales tax on the federal tax. All states have the opportunity to collect the FairTax; states will find it beneficial to conform their sales tax to the federal tax. Most states will probably choose to conform. It makes the administrative costs of businesses in that state much lower. The state is paid a one-quarter of one percent fee by the federal government to collect the tax. For states that already collect a sales tax, this fee proves generous. A state can choose not to collect the federal sales tax, and either outsource the collection to another state, or opt to have the federal government collect it directly. If a state chooses to conform to the federal tax base, they will raise the same amount of state sales tax with a lower tax rate — in some cases more than 50 percent lower — since the FairTax base is broader than their current tax base. States may also consider the reduction or elimination of property taxes by keeping their sales tax rate at or near where it is currently. Finally, conforming states that are part of the FairTax system will find collection of sales tax on Internet and mail-order retail sales greatly simplified."

    There's no point. That's where most if not all of the taxes people complain of enter the mix anyway.

  • The FairTax is a Fraud - we needa 10% "Tithe" Tax

    For details supporting this brief summary, call Stephen Eldridge @ 423-532-7337. Website:

    FT is MORE wealth redistribution, AND a financial scam.

    FT proudly advertises that it is MORE Progressive (more welfare).

    The Prebate is NOT a real refund of FT paid, as it appears to be. It's a new $600B ENTITLEMENT, which would have all Americans receiving a substantial monthly check from the federal govt – a very bad idea for those of us who are not Socialists. It is financially and politically unwise to create yet another huge entitlement that will only be increased in the future.

    FT leaves the working poor making no contribution to funding the federal budget and none for their personal SS/Medi benefits AND gives them a large tax welfare check. FT removes the tax “penalty” for reporting SS Wages, thereby “inviting” fraudulent reporting of SS Wages.

    Retail prices will rise by 25-30%. AFFT now admits to some of that increase.

    FT results in a 40-70% sales tax that would spark a taxpayer rebellion destroying our retail-sales-sensitive economy. 40% = 30% (not 23%) FT + e.G., 10% S/L sales tax; 70% is needed at a sample 30% evasion rate (FT incredibly assumes ZERO evasion/avoidance).

    FT ALSO contains several hidden taxes . 1)FT’s 30% is really 42+%; fed + S/L govts pay FT – they must get that money from you. 2) The fed budget will rise for a) higher SS & federal pension COLA's induced by FT’s nearly 30% price increase, b) fraudulent new SS benefits "invited" by FT’s removal of the “tax penalty” for reporting SS Wages. Used property is advertised as being exempt from FT, but this may be a ccruel hoax.

    FT’s NEW IRS (i.E., STAA) may be worse if it audits consumers) – also we may have to file an “Annual FT Summary”.

    FT leaves us more vulnerable to winding up with BOTH a New Income Tax and the FT. Congress will repeal the FT’s laughable Sunset Clause and (with the 16th Amendment surely still in place) enact a NEW Income Tax.

    Seniors pay for SS/Medi again - some pay a 2nd-3rd tax. Many middle class seniors pay more FT than Income Tax; many lose purchasing power because of, 1) nearly 30% price increases, 2) higher S/L - federal taxes to pay THEIR FT and higher SS & federal pension COLA’s and fraudulent SS benefits.

    The FT promises grand economic benefits which are all unpredictable - mere Hype & Change. The FT employs marketing hype and hyperbole, making countless unsupportable claims.

    We need a very Flat Income Tax; No Deductions, No Exemptions, No Credits and a 10% rate, with business income taxed to shareholders on a very simple basis (i.E., no corporate income tax) - See H.R. 1040 (which has been included in Paul Ryan’s new budget), but with changes as noted here (IRS is neutered, 1 page tax filing, everyone pays - more evolutionary). Call your representatives in Congress and let them know that this is what you want.

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