Are you aware that only about 0.006% of the US population hits their lifetime health care limit each year?

Asked by: bigdave
  • And so this makes this a 'neener neener' moment?

    It doesn't matter, that is not the point. What if Granny is in a rest home from say 70 to 90? That is 20 yeah count 'em twenty years of nursing care facility. And do you think her 300.00 Social Security check covers all her healthcare needs, really? The .00006% of you with a working understanding of business and/or healthcare is like this post; bothersome, imbecilic, and as usual....One deminsional

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LayTheologian says2013-10-19T18:12:25.690
This isn't even an opinion question.
bigdave says2013-10-19T18:23:57.277
It is a yes/no question.
bigdave says2013-10-20T05:11:58.880
LayTheologian .... Your use of the term "FAIR" as in "It's fair to emphasize this aspect of the ACA because it measurably improves the lives of at least 18,000 people a year." is baffling.
LayTheologian says2013-10-20T15:10:43.217
I don't really understand how. In this context, it means "it's not unreasonable to emphasize this aspect of the law." I don't think it's unreasonable to emphasize an aspect of the law that ensures 18,000 people a year won't have their coverage revoked. Obviously, the ACA isn't as good as universal healthcare, but it's being unfairly maligned.
bigdave says2013-11-07T05:42:27.707
LayTheologian... Just a few days ago, I was traveling out of the forest. Along the highway I noted one abandoned industrial or commercial building after another. These were located in a prime area, and in a good economy would have been reoccupied within days, but not in this economy. Why? Because we have lost our way. Jobs is the answer, not a massive healthcare system. Those 18,000 people could be taken care of without a massive government program. The ACA is a smokescreen, not a solution.
bigdave says2013-11-10T06:27:26.460
CONCLUSION..... As of October 2013, fully half of respondents are unaware of the small number of people impacted by lifetime limits of healthcare.
LayTheologian says2013-11-11T06:31:01.473
The ACA's sole focus, or even primary focus, was not lifetime healthcare limits.
bigdave says2013-11-11T13:30:29.877
LayTheologian .........

Let us look at what another party says"

"• Ten Essential Health Benefits including emergency care, hospitalization, prescription drugs, maternity, and newborn care must be included on all non-grandfathered plans with no annual or lifetime dollar limits."

Source: http://obamacarefacts.Com/obamacare-facts.Php