Are you behind Keira Knightley's stand to pose topless as long as she's not retouched?

  • Yes, I am behing Keira's choice to pose topless but not retouched

    I think that it is great that Keira Knightley put the stipulation that her photo cannot be retouched if she poses topless. Retouched photos in magazines, on the internet, billboards, etc. are having a negative effect on the self image of our young women and even our young men. They show an unachievable "perfection" that some go to great lengths to try to obtain.

  • thats awesome, yes

    I think it is great that she is standing up for having a healthy body image! I wish more celebrities would go this route, I think it is a good thing for us to know that they are just people too. They may have money to fix things, hire trainers and stuff, but they still have things retouched quite often. its not normal.

  • yes I support her pose to stand topless.

    Yes, I support Keira Knightley's stand to pose topless as long as shes not retouched because no one should be touched and I never really understood why girls aren't allowed to go topless if guys are allowed. I am happy that she is putting up a stand for this and trying to do something for woman.

  • I am behind Keira Knightley.

    I have always believed that if men can go outside with no shirt on then why can't women? Because of the society we've created? Because it's gross? Either of those reasons are ridiculous which is why I think she should be allowed to pose topless without any one touching her regardless of what she's wearing.

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