• Why wouldn't you be?

    Men are falling behind in education, are presumed guilty until proven innocent in cases of sexual assault and harassment, are considered pedophiles fir just sitting next to a child, aren't legally considered rape victims by definition, are half of all domestic abuse victims yet have no shelters, receive longer and harsher sentences for the same crime as a woman, are the only ones required to sign up for the draft, and are the majority of victims of ALL violent crimes.

  • There is no such thing as "Mens" rights

    Or womens rights or blacks rights or gay rights. Advocacy for rights based on anything other than the argument, I am a a human being who deserves to be treated equitably with kindness and respect never really washes with me too well. Martin Luther King is never thought of as a black rights leader, but a civil rights leader. I think most feminists and masculists ought to think about that instead of bandering around slurs and stereotypes.

  • I am against both movements.

    I believe that 'identity politics' is nothing but a waste of time . It simply divides a society into tribalism, and an "us and them" way of thinking.
    I also think the feminist movement is immoral and selfish, teaching women and girls to be sl*ts, and not care when they feel the need to kill their unborn child in the womb. People need to just grow up.

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