• Yes, it is pretty boring

    I have no love or hate of hockey, but it does bring a sense of boredom whilst watching. That is probably because I do not know what is going on so it would definitely be boring. I do not even care if the score is tied and someone makes a "sick shot" to put the game away. I do not care about any of the teams so it would not be a exciting sport to watch

  • Yes, I personally have no interest in hockey.

    While I wouldn't use the word bored to describe how I feel about hockey, I just really am indifferent. I have no interests in watching hockey. But then again, most sports have become rather redundant to me. Seems to always be the same teams winning the championships year after year.

  • Hockey takes more skill than most sports, which makes it interesting.

    You have to have the stamina of a marathon runner, the balance of a dancer, the strength of a linebacker, and the foot speed of a striker. I really don't see how people with this much talent are boring to watch. It's very fast paced, which I think makes it even better.

  • Hockey is full of excitement and action

    Hockey is a fast-paced, international sport full of excitement and action. I would argue it is near impossible for someone to be "bored" with hockey. Perhaps they might not like the sport, but the limited commercials, big hits, awesome saves, and sick shots absolutely make it worth watching. There isn't another sport that requires so much athleticism and physicality yet still plays 80 games in a season. Speaking of which, another great thing about hockey is that there is almost always a game on every night! Finally, how can you be bored during a pre or regular season game where, if tied at the end of overtime, a shoot out is used to decide the outcome? Hockey is far, far from a boring sport.

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