• No more than anything else

    I am no more concerned about someone hacking my USB device than I am getting anything else hacked. Hacking, true hacking and not a general term for computer virus issues, is fairly rare. I am not in any way a high priority target for this sort of intrusive practice so I am not worried at all about my devices being hacked.

  • Everything can be hacked.

    Yes, I am concerned about someone hacking my USB device, because the government was spying on all of us without telling us. They record everything that we do, but they have done so without telling us. Anyone can hack your USB and try to steal your financial information. We are not safe on the net.

  • USB Security Lax at Best

    The idea that data on a USB device is more secure than data stored directly on a computer is absurd, and there is a real risk of data being compromised when on a USB device. Whether it be due to social hacking, the physical appropriation of the device, or online hacking, knowledge of data management and security is paramount.

  • No, I'm not concerned about my USB device being hacked.

    At this point in time I'm not concerned about anyone hacking my USB device because the ability for hack the controller chips is unproven. If more definitive information becomes available showing the proven ability and probability is fact then I'll take action to secure my USB devices and addition data security measures.

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