• Yes. The Twitter security breach has me more concerned about my security.

    Twitter, like many social institutions have evolved into being an integral part of our social existence. In many instances these institutions overlap resulting in fragmented environments with personal information that are difficult to manage and secure with our aged password system. A breach in security from a social institution like Twitter can have a larger negative impact that we might expect.

  • Twiiter password breach in security

    I think that anytime you create some type of login and password for any type of service online, there is a chance for some type of breach. Nothing on the Internet is 100% secure. This is the risk we take when we go online. We need to do our part by constantly changing our passwords.

  • I'm concerned with the Twitter breach

    I am very worried about the Twitter breach. I am worried about online security in general. For every security breach that we here about I'm willing to bet that there are hundreds that go unreported. It seems to that none of these online companies are able to defend themselves against the hackers.

  • I Don't Use Twitter

    I don't use twitter so I'm not concerned. Until now I was unaware of the security breach, however, I don't care one bit. Too bad so sad for those people. Looks like the big bird is swooping down on them, but at least they have something new to tweet about.

  • No I Am Not

    I am not concerned about my security after the Twitter password breach. I have a Twitter account, but I never use it. My password for that account is also unique to that account, so it doesn't matter much. As a person that works on-line a lot, I make sure my passwords are unique and not easily guessed.

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