• It's possible to become more polarized?

    I'm not sure more polarization is possible, we've pretty much already reached complete gridlock, i suspect a division is coming between old guard republicans, and the new rabid strain of tea party republican. I certainly hope so, i'm not sure how long their bubble of nonsense can hold up over the long term, eventually reality seems likely to crush them.

  • Yes, Congress is aligning themselves with certain specific ideological groups.

    It seems to me that the Congress is beginning to pull further and further from center and therefore are polarizing themselves into groups that cannot work together to solve serious problems. I think the best reform to Congress would be the election of politicians who are more centered and can see both sides of a debate.

  • Yes, I'm concerned Congress is becoming more polarized.

    I definitely think that the fact that Congress is becoming more polarized is concerning. I think that everybody should have some issues with the politicians in Congress caring more about getting their way instead of doing what is right for the people that voted them into office. I think this is an issue that needs to be taken cared of.

  • I am not concerned that Congress is becoming more polarized.

    I am not concerned that Congress is becoming more polarized. I think they try to make the best decisions and try to see both sides of the issues that they face. Congress has been around for a long time and they know what needs to be done in order to get the job done.

  • Just the time we live in

    Everything is pretty much polarized these days. A lot of subjects that were no big deal are now a big deal because it is so easy to get information. The average Joe can reach famous people and lawmakers a lot easier than what they used to able to. Congress needs to be polarized so everyone knows exactly what they are doing. Hopefully it will hold their corruption to a minimum.

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