Are you concerned that the Syrian rebels could include al Qaeda forces?

  • They are all enemies

    Yes because they are all from the middle east which makes them all threats even though their weapons were provided by us in the 1980's I believe and they all dress the same. They all wear the same clothes and have the same hatred of the U.S. And they can still carry out attacks against us

  • Yes I am.

    I am concerned about this because of their affiliation with al Qaeda. If they do win the civil war, the Syrian state could become a al Qaeda safe haven. If the United States does give military aid to the opposition they will probably end up in the hands of al Qaeda.

  • The Syrian Rebels are most definitely led by Al-Qaeda, and Al-Qaeda is hoping to win elections if they overthrow Assad

    Syria, though in the Middle East, is a Western country, and was part of the Eastern half of the Roman Empire. They retain the values of secularism and religious tolerance, which are the foundation for everything we believe in here in America. Al-Qaeda is just the opposite: they are in favor of a theocracy that not only tolerates only one religion, but only one variant of that religion, and will murder anyone who is Shia, even though they are Muslim. No one in the Middle East, except the Saudi's and Al-Qaeda's followers, wishes to see these values take over Syria. It has been well-documented that Al-Qaeda is leading the fight with the rebels in Syria, it is concerning because there have been concurrent, coordinated prison breaks in all Middle Eastern and North African countries to free Al-Qaeda's top operatives, and Al-Qaeda is already campaigning to win local elections if there is a regime change. Several sources, including a Noble Peace Laureate from Scotland, say that after visiting the country, most of the Syrian residents and refugees most fear Al-Qaeda, much more than Assad, as they are raping women, murdering children who disrespect Allah, and have forced them to leave their homes for neighboring countries, fearing for their safety. Assad is in favor of religious tolerance, and he is a Syrian, he is not foreign, like Al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda does not have the interests of the Syrian people at heart, they only care about an abstract ideal of religion, and they do not care how they hurt or abuse people to achieve their goals of a religiously dominated state.

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