Are you confident in President Obama's ability to handle the Ebola outbreak?

  • It is not a US Issue.

    The Ebola Outbreak is not an issue that the US will be facing, this is mainly because of the way Ebola spreads as a disease. Ebola requires close contract and low sanitation to spread rampantly, because of this first world countries like the United States are not a threat because of the outbreak.

    It is not a threat to the United States, that is the simple truth in the matter.

  • No I'm not

    The CDC seems to be seriously slacking on this. They made it sound like Oh we would never get Ebola here, and now look. There are now two nurses that have caught it here, and there are plenty of people roaming about that should probably be in isolation spreading it around

  • No, but that is because nobody is equipped to do so.

    Since care givers for Ebola patients are still getting exposed to the virus, it is reasonable to assume that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) was wrong in its protocols issued to hospitals on how to prevent contamination. If the CDC is losing public confidence in how to handle Ebola, Obama won't stand a chance.

  • Obama lacks the skill to handle Ebola

    It's really nothing against Obama. Politicians in general lack the necessary skills and understanding to handle serious disease outbreaks like Ebola. Right now the future is in the hands of doctors and researchers who are trying to develop either a vaccine or a cure for this devastating virus. Although often leaders like Obama are looked to in times of crisis, the only thing he can do is gather information from people that have expertise and make sure it is distributed. He has no training as a medical professional and therefore cannot have any real impact on the progression of the outbreak.

  • No, President Obama has demonstrated he is not handling the Ebola Outbreak properly.

    President Obama has had adequate time to prepare our country for a potential Ebola outbreak, but has failed to make any preparations or impose restrictions that could protect the citizens of our country. Travel restrictions from West Africa could have been immediately imposed to lessen the possibility of an outbreak on our soil, but nothing was done. Our hospitals and medical institutions could have been advised to put into place Ebola protocols, but nothing has been done. President Obama has failed so far in handling the Ebola outbreak.

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