• Craziness is life!

    My name is SeerFang30077. I am a completely healthy girl. I am also VERY crazy. I would like to know if anyone else is crazy! Craziness is life, similar to the Force. 18 more words needed... 14 more words needed... 10 more words needed... 6 more words needed... Lol plz vote!

  • I like Pie

    But pie doesn't like me. That's okay though, because I have cake. Cake is my friend, it always listen. It's always there for me. It's my family, it's my life.
    You know what? Glob this.
    Trying to be crazy is hard. Too much effort. Just believe i'm crazy and we'll all be happy.
    Or at least one of us anyways.

  • Insane in the membrane

    HISSSSSS, I'm a sssssnake, I'm Just gunna gobbol you up... Hissss
    *finds mouse*
    Nom nom nom. Nom nom nom
    HISSSSSSS, I'm a ssssssnake, I'm Just gunna gobbol you up... Hissss
    *finds mouse*
    Nom nom nom. Nom nom nom
    I am a normal human who likes normal things.

  • Hi my namernfgrvds

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  • I am crazy because i d0nt spekk dorectley

    I am crazy caudsfre euivm moit spewllling correstlwty k ik kk k kh v hgf g fgjh hjg hj hj hj h j hj h jh jh jh fh j s gf g v b r t g vb t d gh gh gh g g ghg h g hg

  • If I wasn't crazy, I wouldn't be me

    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Y X W V U T S R Q P O N M L K J I H G F E D C B A potatoes are furry cats. :P

  • I am not crazy because I know that I am crazy

    I know that I am crazy, therefore that makes me sane. The truly insane people are those that believe that they are normal and not crazy. The "normal" people are the ones most likely to implode, explode, or live in a delusional state of self-denial; unable to see themselves for what they truly are. I see self-professed normal people as being irrational and dangerous; unable and incapable of reflection and realistic self-assessment regarding their true nature, behavior and place in the world. In this sense, what society deems as normal is in actuality narcissistic, delusional, and even a little anti-social. Furthermore, normal people are the least likely to recognize their deficiencies, and the least likely to seek therapy or treatment since they see themselves as perfect, or psychologically healthy and balanced.

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