Are you excited about the upcoming updates to Facebook's news feed?

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  • No, I'm really not.

    I think Facebook is getting worse and worse with each update. So many people I've heard complain about how confusing it's becoming, or how much more they are able to delve into your personal life and information and the lack of privacy. Most people I know are leaving in favour of other sites and I'm afraid that unless Mark Zuckerburg and co. quit while they are ahead that they are going to lose most of their users.

    Posted by: Misa
  • I wish they would just leave it alone!

    I liked Facebook, once upon a time. I liked the layout and I liked what I could do on Facebook. Since then, it seems as if they keep changing things. It's been constant updates and additions, and I'm starting to really not like it as much. I just wish they would leave well enough, alone.

  • No I am not

    No I am not excited about upcoming updates to Facebook's newsfeed. I had not heard about any changes, but then again I usually do not until they have already been made. It's annoying that they keep changing things on facebook and it just makes it more confusing for everyone to use.

  • I Am Not.

    I personally am not excited about Facebook updates. Facebook is a waste of time and a company that does not care about its users' privacy rights. Any updates they introduce often have hidden policies regarding violations of privacy or the selling of personal information. So, I'm sorry to say that I am not excited for any of that.

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