Are you excited for the new rom-com staring Sally Field and Max Greenfield?

  • Sally Field is back!

    I love Sally Field, so I am excited for anything that brings her back to the screen! Add in that it is a romantic comedy and I am sold. Sally Field is hysterical and, added in with Max Greenfield, has me excited to head to the theaters! I can't wait to see this duo hit the screen!

  • Excitement builds for new Field/Greenfield rom-com

    Excitement is building for the new rom-com starring Sally Field and Max Greenfield. Sally Field generally does fine work. She also received critical acclaim for her role in this film. It should be fun and entertaining. The reviews were positive, and the concept seems like it should be fun to watch.

  • Oscar-winner Field is taking a different direction in the movie Hello, My name is Doris

    Field falls for her much younger co-worker and begins to stalk him on facebook with the help of a teenager. It sounds innocent enough. And interesting. Fans of Field will enjoy seeing her again as a lovable and funny individual, and fans of Greenfield will enjoy his many shirtless scenes in the movie.

  • Rom com a dead genre

    With the advent of Netflix's high-budget, almost movie quality, original series I think that it will be difficult to get excited for traditional romantic comedies. We have been spoiled by the likes of Jessica Jones, Better Call Saul and other impressively written and produced episodic television - I think that the romantic comedy genre is dead or dying.

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