Are you excited for the return of Elizabeth Hasselbeck to 'Fox and Friends'?

  • It`s Great Thet Hasselbeck Is Back

    It`s a great news that Hasselbeck is back to Fox and Friends after the treatment. She`s a good example that on time treatment and screening health regularly can prevent illnesses and cure early phase deceases. I am so happy that a wonderful person and successful TV star, as her, is back on track and behind the dark moments of the cancer. Wish her good luck and all the best.

  • No, I am not excited about her return

    No, I am not really excited about the return of Elizabeth Hasselbeck to "Fox and Friends" because I thought it came along just fine with out her and personally, i dont think that she brought that much to the show. Although I dont HATE that shes coming back to the show, its whatever.

  • No, "Fox and Friends" needs a significant overhaul.

    Elizabeth Hasselbeck returning to "Fox and Friends" is not enough to make this program watchable for me. I find the discussion too stilted and the opinions too artificial. I can't connect with any of the presenters as people, including Elizabeth Hasselbeck, so I don't care much about her returning to the program.

  • Currently indifferent to her return

    To be completely honest, the "return" of 'Hasselbeck to the show is leaving me indifferent. I never really cared to much for the show itself, but also I dont think she made too much of a difference to the show stage and presentation wise any other woman could do. It's really a grab to keep viewers who got attached to her before she left, to increase show ratings.

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