• It's a dog. Is it my personal favourite? No. But hey, man's best friend.

    It's not my favourite dog. Nor is it even close. But any breed short of the one that bit me very hard once as a child deserves some sort of support (I believe the dog was a golden retriever.) It's not a bichon frise. But it's a dog. Dog's man's best friend. Only fair that man's also dog's best friend.)

  • Most of the Time, its the Owners Fault

    I am a huge fan of dogs. I have two Pappillion ones, and believe that most dogs are naturally good. They are man's best friend! Pit Bull's, on the other hand, seem to have a bad reputation among viewers. I even admit myself that if I see a Pit Bull, I get a little leery; but we all must trust one thing about dogs. The one thing to trust is their owners.

    The owners of dogs are the heavy influence in determining how the dog will behave. Treat the animal with care, it will be a more loving dog; treat it with hatred and abuse, becomes a scared dangerous dog. Pit Bulls, unfortunately, have fell within the situation of abuse and being raised as a "bad" dog. Whose fault is that, the owners or the dog? The owners because of not raising the dog well.

    So we are saying that we should ban a breed of dog, just because they had a heavy influence of bad owners? In that case, why not ban all dogs while at it? Pit Bulls are not the only breed that have these similar issues, even Golden Retrievers have the same effect as Pit Bulls. Its the owners fault, and not the dog itself. If you want a dog, treat it right and it will treat you right!

  • Of course not

    I've lived with 2 pit bulls in my life, and still live with one to this day. And I can tell you, they are far more calm than many think. Most of their violent nature is from what they were raised as (we adopted the pit bulls) and the behavior can be changed with enough love and training. Don't blame the animal for their behavior, blame the person who raised the dog.

  • Dachshunds are worse...

    Attack for attack, dachshunds are the more aggressive dogs. Pitbulls just have a bad rep due to their modus operandi of clamping down, then shaking.
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Pit bulls are not dangerous dogs.

    Despite popular belief, pit bulls are not dangerous dogs. In fact pit bulls were tested as one of the most tolerant dogs by the American Temperament Test Society. What people don't understand is that the breed is not the problem, rather the problem is the owner. Statistics show that 84% of dogs involved in fatal attacks were neglected and abused and that 86% of fatal dog attacks involve unneutered male dogs. Breedism is based off of an illogical fear and/or hatred of specific types of dogs. Most cases are fueled by a personal experience with the type of dog. Bottom line is that pit bulls are not an inherently mean breed of dog.

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