Are you for or against public virtual school?

Asked by: JSNB16
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  • Virtual school is WAY better than public school.

    I have been in both public school and public virtual school, and I love public virtual school. I learn a lot more on virtual school than I did in regular public school, students have to interact with the teacher more, they make students have to be more responsible for their work, and they have field trips and other events so you still have to be social.

  • Virtual is not the answer if you haven't learned the manual way first

    Virtual schooling in the important years of childhood and early teens is what I consider harmful, because you spent to much time communicating digital then learning the social skills of reading mimic and body language of people outside your family. And in my eyes is this a very effective way to breed introverts and narcissist, that fear groups, group activity and teamwork.

    The younger you are, the better it is to have an environment where you are not constantly distracted. A virtual environment is the embodiment of distraction and if you have not learned how to focus first, you will get lost easily.

    Before children learn how to play with a smartphone, they need to learn how to play with grass and stones. And before we can sent kids to virtual schools, we have to sent them to regular ones (if we can).

  • Virtual Learning Limits Social Skills, and Makes People Think they can Cheat

    Virtual learning is bad because it limits you from becoming friends with people. Also, it doesn't give people the life skills they need- like making friends, reading body language, and communicating with people when they need to. Also, virtual schools are not in secure browsers, so kids may look up the answers and cheat, which they are not allowed to do.

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