Are you for (yes) or against (no) arranged marriage?

  • Love is temporary

    This argument solely relies on your perspective of marriage. If you seek love the emotion perhaps arranged marriage is not good for you if you just seek a partner and a stable family perhaps arranged open marriage would be good.
    I personally don’t believe in love so I would do a arranged marriage as you wouldn’t love the person but have mutual respect and maybe friendship. I’m a german woman and I do know most of these happen forced but I would still kinda like to have one.

  • It can be a good thing.

    Your parents know you better than anyone. They will pick someone who is perfect for you. Arranged marriages also lower the divorce rate. When you have an arranged marriage it's not about how pretty you have to be, it's about the personality. That's why arranged marriages are a good thing.

  • Human rights violation

    Most people in arranged marriages do not go to their families to ask them to arrange marriages for them. It is mostly the elders in a family who either force or pressure their younger people to marry a particular person. Whether or not they want to be with that person. Whether or not they want to get married at all.

    I am an American male of Asian Indian descent. I refuse to go along with an arranged marriage. The women that men end up marrying under these circumstances end up treating their men like fecal matter.

    Men need to ask themselves where their families' loyalties lie: With their younger man, or with a woman from a different family. My mother has told me that she wants a daughter-in-law. She can befriend a woman my age without having me marry her.

  • High Divorce Rate and lack of trust

    It will not last for long time. According to researches, most arranged marriage couples typically file a divorce since they notice that they are not meant with each other and misunderstanding is typically their major problem.No trust Factors. Generally, most of the arranged marriage couples don’t have trust with one another since they don’t have enough time to know their attitudes and likes.

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