Are you for (yes) or against (no) scientific knowledge?

  • Yes, I am for scientific knowledge.

    In the Book of Genesis in the Christian Bible, it says that God gave dominion of his creation to man. What good is it to be given dominion and control over creation and have no question or interest in it. Scientific knowledge seeks to explore our understand God's gift to us, his children.

  • Have to solve the problems.

    Science is trying its best to solve problems to some of the major problems faced by humanity. It is without a doubt that scientific knowledge is important for this reason. Many problems that have come from science are not due to scientific knowledge but rather the people that have used this knowledge without proper training or care.

  • Always, and some may misunderstand scientific knowledge.

    Science is simply curiosity being fulfilled, and the knowledge resulting from it can never be truly bad. After all, a gun itself is not evil, but it can be used to destroy. Scientific knowledge all depends on its applications, and while yes, some may use it to destroy the environment or to hurt people for their own selfish gains, others would far rather use it to create and improve life. Many scientists are attempting to save the ecology of the world, caring for animals and protecting plant species with, you guessed it, technology resulting from scientific advances that make the impossible possible.

  • Yes I am.

    Science has given us modern comforts. Science has given us clean water to drink, medicine to heal, and computers to fast travel information. What would the world be like if engineering and architecture was still just guessing? What would it be like if medicine was only faith "healing" or guessing? It would be like the dark ages, which was not a good time to live.

  • What is the world without scientific knowledge?

    Without science knowledge what would doctors, detectives, coroners, scientist or any other occupation do. Scientific knowledge is the root to our universe and without the world would be nothing and it would be terrible and destructed without scientific knowledge. It's used in so many places and has helped so many people.

  • No, I am not against scientific knowledge, just some of the technological & human uses it is put to.

    So yes, I am against the growing unchecked synthetic pollution that comes out of that scientific knowledge and saturates the ecology and atmosphere of this living planet. Because under the banner of scientific progress and its unquestioned creativity, we are taking the planet and its life-intelligence towards a terminating conclusion in the synthetic pollution department. It is time to stop blindly creating & experimenting out of that acquired scientific knowledge, until science understands life & Nature much more than it does at this point in time.

    Unfortunately, No one is allowed to question scientific and technological all-consuming synthetic progress. They would be shouted down, ridiculed, vilified, dismissed and lectured on how much it has contributed to advancing Civilization and saving life and yes, up to a point of accumulating Science knowledge this has been true. But, incomplete Science has now reached a point in it’s aquired knowledge & creativity, where to call what it is creating progress is not true, because it has become activity that is destroying life on this planet out of synthetic pollution. It is that reality and its understanding, that existing Science must become aware of before I can give the thumbs-up to Science.

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