Are you for (yes) or against (no) the color red?

Asked by: JasonMartin-327
  • Paint The Whole World Red...

    The song by Aviators is actually what inspired me to do this. Red is a bright color that stands out from most. It's the color of roses, the color of lips, and so much more! It's the color of blood, which gives us LIFE! Sure, the media portrays it as a violent and bad color, but neither I nor Aviators thinks it deserves that kind of recognition. It's the color of human essence, and we both think that it has more good in that essence than bad. Aven. (I actually got that piece from Avi himself XD.)

  • Red is a good color

    Red is a very important color in the artistic world. It's a primary color. Without the color red we wouldn't have orange, orange yellow, or violet. Think of any color that includes red and then if there were no red that color would not exist. We need the color red!!!

  • Roses and Blood

    Roses and blood. We need roses, we need blood. Red is good. Red is sunsets. Red is my sister's favorite color. Red is Santa Claus. Red is good. We need red, and we need green, blue, and yellow. Black and white are good as well. Need I say more?


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