Are you for (yes) or against (no) the "Cure the Gays" movement? Why or why not?

Asked by: EspenEther
  • Maintain the awareness

    Little do people know, a political agenda started less than 100 years ago to deconstruct the morals of society. Listed in those papers were the empowerment of homosexuality. Since it has been considered an abomination for 1000s of years. In the meantime, much research has taken place to "inject" homosexuality into society. The reason why societies would execute homosexuals is because it spread like a disease. The perversity of a homo would tempt and tap into the forbidden zone of many. And with children being as impressionable as they are, you can imagine what a threat it would be to future generations. It is historically accurate that homosexuality has actually destroyed societies in the past. But you will see none of that written in any post 1800s book. Because it is unofficially "illegal" to do so. The Truth is a threat to the political agendas of today.

    They also will not tell you about the many studies done in the 1900s to demonstrate that homosexuality is a hormonal defect. A corruption during conception. Regardless of that. People are born with many tendencies that challenge their values and beliefs. GOD gave us the intended principles and morals we were created for. In order for us to willfully put aside our desires and self sacrifice to grow humility and spiritual awareness. Anything otherwise is just pure selfishness. And society today is hell bent on making everyone fat and selfish. All anyone cares about is themselves. Even if you hand money to charity. Did you hand everything you have? Not likely. Materialism has run rampant. Anything goes. Homosexuals are the most Godless people on Earth. Asian countries are notorious for being atheist. And look at what they have become. Anything goes culture full of filth. Tolerance is for cowards that do nothing. Intolerance is courage to challenge the status quo in order to clean up the mess.

  • 100% against it

    Conversion therapy greatly offends me. It treats homosexuality as a "disease" that can be "cured", the nerve. Homosexuality is NOT a disease! Diseases are caused by viruses and bacteria, sexual orientation is biologically rooted. "Cure" also implies that homosexuals are defective, another grave insult. I don't see homosexuals striving to be "cured" so why should you?

  • It's not even close to being realistic.

    You can't make a straight person gay, so how could you really make a gay person straight? Religion is a useless argument when it comes to gay rights because the US recognizes a separation of church and state. Gay couples are not hurting anyone, but they are being hurt by A-holes who hold them back from their freedom.

  • I am not a homosexual myself but...

    I think other people should not care about who's gay and who's not. I mean, the people in this world should not be striving to be that on perfect person, they should be wanting to take there own path and be proud they weren't the ones who fell over on the path to perfectness

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