Are you glad to be a girl? (Ladies only please)

Asked by: mishapqueen
  • Girls get special treatment.

    Girls aren't forced to be tough, they can if they want to, but they can get the guys to do the hard stuff for them. Guys open doors and carry things for girls too. Girls get to wear pretty things and have more options for dress-wear. Sure, there are some disadvantages, but in my opinion, they are outweighed by the benefits. I am thankful for all the chivalrous men I know, especially my dad.

  • It has its perks.

    Being a girl is lovely. But the only non-perk is sexism. Men think girls aren't as tough, they expect women to do all their house work, and it's ridiculous. But it does have the upside, being treated like a princess (if you know the right men), and not having to worry about showing up your friends on whose tougher, when we all know, men do that to each other all the time. Oh! And the other downside, PMS and the menstrual cycle. That's hell.

  • Hahha yeah, even though it stinks sometimes

    I like being a girl, even though it has its downs. Getting periods every month is really annoying, but I still think those are better than random erections haha. I think at school, we're treated better. We look smarter, more diligent, responsible, etc. I like how we get to be emotional and that it's okay and acceptable to cry a lot, while not that much for guys (not trying to sound sexist or anything).

  • Yes and no.

    I'm a tomboy, so I'm kinda conflicted. Haha. I like being a girl because I can get away with things more easily, I can sing songs in a higher key easily, that sort of thing. The downside is that society expects me to have long blonde hair, blue eyes, big boobs and a skinny waist. I have super short brown sideswept hair, brown eyes, A's and I don't have a skinny waist. I'm happy with myself, but society still sucks. I also don't like the fact that it's hard to find boyish clothes for girls. I never wear pink and always wear blue, black or red, so it can be difficult.

  • No, I'm not

    Being a guirl is nice. I don't have a problem with my body put I feel that there is a lot of sexism. I live in Mexico, so I've always noticed that it is almost everywere, from politics to sports class (I'm in middle school so it's pretty heavy). I think that there has always been since prehistory a stereotype for each gender. Men are the strongest and the ones who get the food, and women who basically are there to have children or even just to have sex. That of course has lead us to think for years that women are nothing but an object that you get and you throw and that idea has not quite gone.

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