Are you going to boycott Xbox when the new Xbox 720 releases if it does not have used game compatibility?

Asked by: BurningSnoMan
  • Well it is obvious,

    I will hate it if Microsoft goes through with the no used game idea, simply because that will ruin gamely users on that front. If Microsoft goes through this plan I will personally switch to PS4 when it releases because the new xbox will be so bad (used game wise) that it just wont be worth it.


    I'm getting a 720 because my first-gen broke for like the 7th time. All of my games are XBOX 360 and I don't intend on spending hundreds for the new console and a bunch of new games. The war on used games has gone too far and if Microsoft does this I will hate them forever.

  • Rip off xbox

    I wont be buying one, the new ps4 is a far better option. Xbox is a complete rip off, always has been, and always will. It's getting worse too, with the the use of old or second hand games being done away with. I mean, you even have to pay those robbing sods, if you want to change your game name. Plus you have to pay to connect to the internet, wtf, I already pay for my internet, and you want me to pay again? Blow me, Microsoft, you greedy geets... Playstation all the way.

  • Why bother a system that doesn't make the community happy?

    If Xbox 720 came out and didn't support used games and can only be used online, it won't support us military members who are out to sea, deployed in other countries. Why should I bother buying this system? It doesn't support us so why should I buy this rip off of a system?

  • It will be the 1st games system I passed on

    I'm 45 and started playing video games at 6 when it all started. I will NOT be getting the new Xbox. I still sit in the dark and play my Atari 2600 every now and then. This kind of game control sickens me. Its also going to be the 1st gaming system to come along in 39 years that I am passing up on.

  • Yes, I have Boycotted Xbox One

    They've announced the used game limitations. I will not purchase an Xbox until that restriction is lifted. I will go with the competition and purchase the PS4. All the extra features the Xbox One provides are not enough to give up my rights to use a system that I purchased the way I would like to.

  • Do they think we are stupid?

    Do they think we are stupid? Paying for something that if the internet goes down means I have a $500 brick? No thanks. Forcing second hand games dealers and consumers out of the picture? No thanks. I want to pay money for something that I will OWN. I am not paying 100s/1000s to effectively rent this equipment and games. You broke a fairly good system Microsoft, you tried to exploit your consumers and you will feel the consequences.
    You don't care about your loyal consumers who have been with the range for the past 10 years, treat them like dirt.

  • I won't even look at it

    I paid a lot for my games and the idea of requiring an internet connection (along with the crap they are trying to add with the Kinnect features) means I will be staying away from it. This is no way to handle Digital Rights Management and is effectively just as bad as always online systems. The idea of the Kinnect watching you for information gathering purposes they describe violates my privacy.

  • Pure corporate greed

    I will definitely not buy if there is no backwards compatability or secondhand game market. If Microsoft are dumb enough to try this, Sony will surely learn from their mistake and Microsoft will have to back down or fail miserably. My consoles are mostly played by my 7 year old son who wants every game, some of which are simply not good and not even worth paying for secondhand let alone new. This would also alienate all of the game retailers as well. Hopefully these plans are just a bluff from both Sony and Microsoft that neither will follow through.

  • Yes and yes, and stop telling me I need to have internet!

    Microsoft just lost a lifelong customer. And supporter. Hello sony, welcome to "the lesser of two evils". At least I get metal gear first now.....The idea that internet is required is the big killer for me, and I think it's completely unfair and can't think of another device that requires that. Guess what, MS, not everyone has or wants a broadband connection and some of your most ardent supporters care about GAMES, not getting tv, on my game system, when I already have tv, next to my game system. Pathetic money grab.

  • No Fukin Way

    I love XBOX, and Halo is my most favorite game. While it would really make me mad, I am not going anti-XBOX over it. I don't HAVE to sell my 360, so I can play all my old games on that. Plus, you can probably put a used disc on a 360 and play it(if 360 can read 720 discs). And honestly, you should know what you buy, so you don't get a game and want to return it. The only thing you have to do is either get the game for yourself or if a friend wants to play have them come over to your house.

  • Not bothered really

    I don't buy used anyway. So it won't affect me personally. I understand why people are not happy about this. Not everyone can afford brand new games. Especially in this financial climate. It would still seem silly to do this. Especially when their rival Sony isn't doing the same. So I can't see why it would happen.

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BrooklynHaze says2013-04-12T21:04:15.363
Forsaken all consoles due to this reason. Might as well just switch to PC gaming with a PS3/xbox controller hooked up to it.
THEVIRUS says2013-04-15T22:59:02.403
That sucks though