• At some point:

    I will buy a PS4, just as I have bought a PS1, 2 and 3. Sony has proven to me that they can make a good/reliable console, that said I will not be buying it a launch, for the same reason I did not buy the PS3 at launch. There is going to be multiple versions of these next gen consoles released and based on how it went with the PS3 the version of the PS4 available at the end of next year is bound to be significantly better than the release version.

  • Because it's AWESOME

    Check the stats on the PS4. Beats Xbox One by far and is way cheaper, not to mention you don't need to pay 50.00 bucks every year just to play online or offline. Like seriously, I get where Pc gamers are coming from, but if you think Xbox one i better, gtfo please.

  • As a gamer? Definitely!

    There are games on the ps systems that are not on the xbox systems, so if I had my way I would like to get both the ps4 and the xboxone, but because I cannot just yet I will definitely get the ps4 before the xboxone.
    As of right now, the ps4 is also cheaper than what the xboxone, and I usually play online, which, granted is a better experience on the xbox , is also a lot cheaper on the ps4.
    So I will definitely be buying the ps4, but hopefully I will eventually buy the xboxone to broaden my gameplay experience.

  • As a gamer Absolutely!!

    A ps4 is the cheapest console/gaming device out there in the market that provides next generation capabilities at a very low cost (not including the Wii u for it does not provide next generation capabilities). Why I think this is, because the ps4 provides graphics that are quite comparable to a PC worth around 500-600 dollars and also the ps4 provides motion tracking at a small cost of $60, does the PC provide that at such a low cost? NO. Currently the ps4 is priced around at 499 without the camera, the next contender which is the Xbox one provides all of these capabilities, but 100 dollars more and also less EXCLUSIVE TITLES and lets not forget to mention the PC market lacks on EXCLUSIVE TITLES. So after reading this article the Ps4 provides graphics capabilities on par with a PC that is valued at 500-600 dollars, a Ps4 provides motion tracking at a very very low cost of $60 while still being very affordable for a consumer on minimum wage. Thank you for reading this article I hope I have convinced you as a consumer to buy the Ps4 while you still can. ( I advise you though to get it on christmas for it might be cheaper).

  • My first choice

    I love Sony consoles , and its not that I don't like the Xbox one but the PlayStation 4 is my first choice by tradition , also the Xbox one ruined the first chance to be friendly with their consumers and most of the gamers (if not all of them) felt offended by the threatening of "we wont let you borrow games" , and oh well I don't even think Nintendo is competitive enough , they're good with the same game sequels over and over.

  • Yes I Am

    I have purchased all of the past Sony PlayStation consoles and I have plans on buying this one too. Did you see those specs that they announced at their conference? The PlayStation 4 will be amazing. My plans are to buy it during the first week of its release. Hopefully we get it as soon as possible.

  • It's a waste of money.

    Me being 24 yrs old, I have no reason to be playing games all the time. I have bigger and better things to be worried about. The only thing a game console like this would do for me is waste my time and dumb me down,

    Honestly, no one my age should be playing any game console. Even if they are out of work. I mean, what benefit would it be to someone who is around my age?

  • Not anytime soon no. It has to win me over first

    Video games systems sell me on their libraries not their specs. I have had all the playstation systems from 1-3 but that would not guarantee me a purchase of the 4 until I am convinced of it's worth. At launch no system has enough games to warrant an early purchase for me. They are also expensive and early models are more prone to defects. The fans and disk drive are usually loud in the first batches and hardware failure is unlikely to be warded off by more than three years of new systems these days.

    Also this is the first playstation where a paid subscription service is necessary to enjoy the benefits of online multiplayer. I think I will stick to the PS3 and it's free service.

  • No too expensive

    It probably cost about 400 to 500 dollars. Why buy it if the same games are going to come out for the old console. It is the same as all the other consoles like xbox and ps3 the only difference is the new engine that they put in it. It is not worth it.

  • No, I already own a gaming system

    Maybe I will be a female stereotype, but I only use my gaming system for the workout games. I don't use/play anything else, so I'm not buying a new system every time something new comes out. I purchased my WII used and have had no problems. As far as my financial budget, I would not consider that a priority. Even if I had kids of age to play video games, I wouldn't be spoiling them and running out to buy each new system.

  • I prefer the xbox console over the Playstation.

    I'm sure Microsoft will be releasing it's xbox 720 around the same time Sony releases the Playstation 4... But, given that I recently had to upgrade to the xbox 360 Slim, I won't be purchasing, even the new xbox, for a few years. So no, I will not be buying a Playstation, now or in the future. However, I am excited about the technology these new consoles will have.

  • Most likely not

    I rarely ever play video games any more. When I was a kid I had a Nintendo 64 but after that I never really got into console games. I tended to go outside and play sports instead. To this day I rarely play games but am impressed with how far they have come.

  • No purchase protest.

    Not purchasing because Sony needs to be investing in supporting the PS4 that I bought instead of trying to sell us more crap hardware. I feel like it's just more of the same from Sony pushing more crap on us, pumping all of this money into garbage hardware that's all designed to pull us into more and more subscription content.

  • No, Because PC gaming is better.

    The PS4 is basically a PC that you can't upgrade, along with the Xbox One. However, PC gaming is much more Cost effective after starting, is cheaper in the long run, and you don't have to buy a new PC every couple years. You also do not need to pay for using online, when you are already paying for the Internet. Also PC's have the ability to mod their games easily, and is easier to develop for.

  • Don't Feel like it

    It is a waste of money and i have other gaming stuff. I would probably use the money to buy a new phone rather than ANOTHER gaming system. Also i don't really know much about gaming other than games on the nintendo 3ds so i really don;t see a point in buying the ps4

  • Not yet, but maybe in future.

    Im neither going to buy XBONE. And if any the PS4 is higher on list. The reason is, that I'm not so hard-core gamer. And my 1y PC is still doing fine for my needs. Also, there is a questionable reason to buy new gen console right on the start. Its better to wait a year or two just to see:
    1) How stabile is the system, does it break up often?
    2) How games perform on the machine, does they reach 1020p or 60fps?
    3) Whats the gamelineup on machine.
    So far it does not look well for PS4, but give Sony the time.

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