• IPhone 5s will have many more innovations added to it.

    The gimmicks that the iPhone 5s will be superb. It will have a hands free siri as well as a laser keyboard. Even though it may not seem great now, trust me when it does come out, ya'll better be thanking me ;). ALso Apple realizes that they are falling behind and people don't always want simple apple so apple now realizes that they need to step their game up.

  • Apple ran out of innovations

    IPhone 5S just caught up with Android a few years ago. No. It's overpriced, has a locked up Operating System, and it's behind. I don't see the point of buying a new iPhone each time one comes out. The only people that buy them are members of the Steve Jobs Cult.

  • Apple isn't INNOVATING anymore.

    About 5 Years ago, Apple was at the top of its game, innovating and inventing stuff no-one had heard of before. They used to be the leaders in the Phone, Tablet, and Music Players Industry.
    But now, they're simply 'catching up' with other phone companies.

    Yes, they might still have some aspects we all love that other companies can't match, but Apple is slowly losing its ground in the industry.

    I don't feel that Apple is going to create something new and wonderful for a while, So, I don't think the iPhone 5S will be worth it.

    In September, Apple will be making a number of announcements. I don't know, whether they're going to introduce something that the world hasn't seen before, but as of now, my answer is a solid no to whether I'm going to buy the iPhone 5S.

  • No I won't. Apple does too much planned obsolescence

    Apple is coming out with so many different version of the Iphone and I can see that Apple is trying real hard to compete with Android. The fact is Google Play is the biggest source to download apps and for free. Apple got rid of Google maps and use their own version is complete garbage. I was with my friend and she was looking for a place her map hard extreme difficulty locating, her location was off and so on. I used Google maps on my Android and we found the place in 3 minutes, Apple maps was sending us in circles.

    Planned obsolescence is something that all companies do but I believe Apple do it way too often. I even experience on my I Touch it won't allow me to update the software so only fix is to buy a updated version. Android updates are option you can update or not. Apple make you install the updates and if you want more features you now have to buy another phone. I think they do this because they are small market compared to Androids and Windows phone.

    $ 500.00 or more for a phone heck no. I can buy a laptop for that price. I got me a nice LG Android for $ 150.00 and does everything I want an ton and ton of apps are compatible and they free. Apple is a rip off.

  • Wouldn't if you paid me.

    I have had smartphones, but this IPhone 4 that I got for free is absolutely asinine. I am a big apps person, and have seen much, much better apps available for free on other smartphones than you have to pay for on the iPhone. Even downloading a simple ringtone is a hassle. I don't think this company is capable of putting out anything that isn't overpriced garbage. That wastes your time and invades your privacy . I get update notifications for apps I have but do not apply to them as I believe it will only make them worse. You couldn't get me to get another one to save my life.

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1dustpelt says2013-08-19T13:56:36.623
IOS6 is just a catch up version.